South Africa: The mythology of the Rainbow Nation exposed

Michelle Obama met with Mandela in 2011

Before you get too carried away with enthusiasm this coming week watching the world swoon over former S. African President Nelson Mandela, check out some of our 45 plus posts on South Africa that demonstrate quite clearly that South Africa is, putting it mildly, a mess today.

It is not the land where everyone lives in multicultural and multiracial harmony as the international Left wants you to believe.

The real Mandela legacy is the country he left behind!

Here are just 12 (of the 45!) posts whose titles tell the real story:

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So much for “welcoming the stranger” in the socialist dream land of South Africa

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“Rainbow Nation” of South Africa is leading anti-immigrant country in the world

South Africa sending refugees to Australia!

Get ready for it! Next they will ask for us to resettle “refugees” from South Africa!

South African constitution makes promises it can’t keep as economic migrants pour in

ANC: Too many foreigners in South Africa, new policy on refugees proposed

Black violence heating up in South Africa (again); immigrants, whites and other black Africans targeted

Canada fighting tooth and nail to rescind decision on granting white South African asylum

UNHCR being blamed for continued refugee crisis in South Africa

Photo is from The Telegraph in June 2011, here.

Saskatchewan, Canada: not in my cab!

Canadian radio talk show personality John Gormley recently discussed a troubling issue in the rapidly growing multicultural mecca of Saskatchewan—cab drivers who will not allow the blind with guide dogs to ride in their cabs.

Here’s what I don’t get, why does some radio talk show guy, described as a rightwinger who says provocative things, have to begin his opinion piece with a paean to multiculturalism and how wonderful the immigrant transformation is for Saskatchewan?  Is it what he believes, or a nod to political correctness?  Frankly, it sounds rather mealy-mouthed!  Is that how one must speak in Canada?

John Gormley at the Leader-Post (emphasis mine):

Radio host Gormley a proponent of immigration to Saskatchewan where a transformation is underway!
Photo: Michelle Berg , The StarPhoenix

As a proponent of immigration to Saskatchewan – a great place too long undiscovered by the rest of the world – a transformation has been underway, as people from here and newcomers alike, discover and develop immense opportunities.

Beyond record population growth, we are also experiencing an evolution in culture, the arts and the ethnic makeup of our communities.

But, but, but….

And with a large influx of people, particularly from varied ethnic groups, come some challenges of tolerance.

There’s the story of Saskatonian Mike Simmonds, who encounters problems trying to take taxicabs with his guide dog.

Simmonds, known as the blind comedian, is a gentle and polite guy loathe to point fingers, but he alludes to “certain taxi drivers” reluctant to transport dogs in their cabs – guide dogs or otherwise.

On my radio show, after speaking with Simmonds, we heard from Gerry Nelson of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), who makes the point bluntly: more than ever lately, he’s been experiencing refusals of service for having a guide dog.

But, surely if Canadian law is explained to the drivers they will want to respect those laws!


This is easily fixable by informing new employees and explaining the law and policy.

Oops!  Not so fast!

The second scenario is more troublesome: certain new immigrants, for religious or cultural reasons, have decided that the law doesn’t apply to them.  [Surprise!—ed]

The CNIB’s Nelson spoke of taxi company managers trying to assist, but admitting that some of their drivers were openly refusing to accommodate guide dogs and their blind owners.

These taxi drivers are of the Muslim faith and strictly adhere to Hadith, the translations of the deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad, some of which are interpreted as decreeing that dogs are unclean and should be killed.

Gormley goes on to discuss an interview with a ‘moderate’ Muslim I suppose in order to hold out hope to readers  that the little  misunderstanding of the Hadiths will soon be cleared-up so they can go on with diversifying the Canadian heartland.

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