Algerian “refugees” riot in Bulgarian detention center

We’ve been led to believe that the majority of the asylum seekers coming across from Turkey into an overloaded Bulgaria are Syrians, so how the heck did Algerians get there too?  Algeria is in Africa after all.

Most migrants are entering Bulgaria through Turkey, so why is Turkey allowing them to cross their country on the way to Western Europe—is it the Hijra?

The UN yells at Bulgaria for xenophobia, for detaining asylum seekers, and for trying to stem the tide of migrants into their country, but why aren’t they telling the Turks to stop the hordes at the Turkish border?

Here is the news about the riots.  The Algerians were protesting because they want to be free to roam Bulgaria and perhaps move farther West into Western Europe.  Just like those “refugees” in Norway, these aren’t destitute men looking for a roof and a meal, they are criminals!

Emphasis is mine:

Bulgarian police used batons to put down a protest by Algerians at a temporary refugee centre in the town of Lyubimets on November 30, the Interior Ministry in Sofia has confirmed.

Confirmation of the incident came in an Interior Ministry statement on December 7, following local media reports.

The Algerians began a protest over frustration at being kept for a long time at the centre, embarking on a hunger strike and trying to prevent refugees from other countries eating, Interior Ministry officials alleged.

There were clashes when police sought to intervene.

Two migrants had broken arms and another a head injury after the clashes. The three were given medical treatment and were returned to the centre.

In the course of the rebellion, property was damaged, television cables were ripped out, doors broken down, safety grilles pulled off radiators and metal bedsteads used to make barricades to prevent police entering.

According to the Interior Ministry, police had to use force after attempts at negotiations failed and there was “fierce resistance”. The ministry said that two police also were injured.

UNHCR reprimands Bulgaria for trying to save itself from invasion!

“We are alarmed by a recent increase in xenophobic violence such as a reported attack on three asylum seekers, including two Syrian men, in Sofia this past week,” UNHCR said.

“We urge the authorities to take steps to stem the rising tide of xenophobia in Bulgaria. We are concerned by reports the authorities are planning to increase the use of closed facilities for asylum seekers, particularly single men.

“And we urge the authorities to find alternatives to detention. Seeking asylum is not a crime, and the use of detention should be a last resort.”

The deployment of about 1400 police officers along the Turkish border and the construction of a 30km fence there have already reduced the numbers of people able to enter Bulgaria, the statement said.

The UNHCR said that there have been “concerning reports” of Syrians being pushed back at the border in recent weeks – contrary to the principles of international law. It is important that people fleeing for their lives are allowed access to a safe haven and are able to seek international protection, the statement said.

They are coming across from Turkey. Turkey is a safe haven! so why isn’t the UNHCR telling Turkey to keep the refugees?

I think its because the UNHCR and the government of Turkey are perfectly happy flooding Europe with Muslim migrants!  It is called al-Hijra and Turkey is in the Caliphate re-building business.

Photo is from Deutsche Welle.

Germany agrees to take 5,000 more Syrians

That is on top of the originally agreed-upon 5,000, and in addition to the 24,000 already in the country illegally.

Former Lutheran pastor and German President Joachim Gauck visited a refugee camp and said, “Do more!”

From Deutsche Welle:

Germany announced its intention to offer shelter to 5,000 additional Syrian refugees on Friday, as its annual autumn meeting of the nation’s 16 state interior ministers in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony came to a close.


Germany’s state interior ministers, who share responsibility for housing refugees, have already pledged to accommodate 5,000 refugees from the war-torn country.


Around 1,000 refugees have already arrived in Germany as part of the government’s official resettlement program. But according to the German Interior Ministry roughly 24,000 more have made their way to the country independently, many entering illegally.

This move will be used to pressure the US to take more than 2,000.

See our Germany archive where we have posts about tensions rising among the German citizenry who question the resettlement of refugees in their towns.

John Bolton: Camp Ashraf our responsibility, give residents asylum in US

That is what a writer at the Albuquerque Journal reports that Bolton has said.

Bring Iranian dissidents from Iraq to US as refugees.

Camp Ashraf is a refugee camp inside Iraq where dissidents from Iran have lived for years.  There is not one word in this op-ed suggesting that Obama put pressure on the Iraqi government and on the UN to protect them where they are.   Instead author Saeed Shams invokes Bolton who must have said at some point—bring ’em on over to the US.

What a mess we have left in Iraq!

From the Albuquerque Journal:

On Sept. 1st of this year, 52 residents of Camp Ashraf were murdered by Iraqi forces. Many of those who were murdered were in the midst of seeking medical attention and were handcuffed and shot in the head.

Seven residents, refugees from Iran, were taken hostage by the Iraqis. Among these hostages were six women. The hostages remain in Iraq, according to reports from Amnesty International, being housed in the center of Baghdad at an unofficial detention center.

While the Iraqi government continues to deny responsibility for this attack and claims no knowledge of the whereabouts of the hostages, evidence clearly proves otherwise.


If the prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, is to prove that he is not a pawn of the Tehran regime, he must heed the call of the UN agencies to release the seven hostages and assure the safety of the Camp Liberty residents until they can be relocated to another country.

Amnesty International has also called upon Iraq to immediately release the seven hostages “unless they are charged with an internationally recognizable criminal offense.” They also brought up the fact that international law prohibits Iraq from forcibly returning “anyone to a country where they would be at risk of serious human rights violations, including torture.”

The great fear is that these seven hostages will be handed over to Iran where they assuredly await countless hours of torture followed by an inhumane death.

Recently John R. Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, called the situation “an embarrassment” for the United States and “a stain on the reputation of the U.S.” He publicly called upon Congress to grant political asylum to the refugees so they can get “out of the death trap they are in.”

The U.S. must honor their commitment to these refugees and provide an example for the rest of the world with the offer of asylum to residents of Camp Liberty.

The stain is on Obama.  I’m sure if Obama wanted to put pressure on the Iraqi government, the US could make sure these people are protected right there rather than resettled in some US troubled neighborhood and placed on our welfare rolls.