Sweden hastens its demise by opening doors to Syrians

My alerts are full and over-flowing with news about Syrian “refugees.”  They will surely be coming to America* and some local media is already predicting this (fill in the blank) city will soon be seeing them.    Sweden, however, earlier this week made a sweeping promise inviting them, one and all, to their socialist dream nation.

Swedish Prime Minister Frederick probably put a bug in Obama’s ear, and what a coincidence that the decision to invite Syrians to “welcoming” Sweden was timed for Obama’s visit!

Already troubled by Muslim asylum-seekers from all over the Middle East and Africa, Sweden came one step closer this week to annihilating their Nordic culture and population in the decades to come—-why don’t they see it!   Click here for our entire archive on Sweden—the canary in the coal mine!

Here is the news from The Local:

Swedish migration authorities have ruled that all Syrian asylum seekers who have come to Sweden will be granted permanent residency in light of the worsening conflict in Syria.Sweden is the first country in the EU to offer permanent residency to refugees from Syria, news agency TT reported.

The decision covers all asylum seekers from Syria who have been granted temporary residency in Sweden for humanitarian protection. They will now receive permanent residence permits, the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) announced on Tuesday.

Previously, around half of Syrian asylum seekers had been granted permanent residency, with the remaining half receiving three-year residence permits.


The decision means that the roughly 8,000 Syrians who have temporary residency in Sweden will now be able to stay in the country permanently.

They will also have the right to bring their families to Sweden.  [Let the fraud begin!—ed]

Of course, what Sweden has done is put pressure on the entire EU and the US as well to open doors wide for what will be largely members of both sides of the warring Muslim factions.

The Muslim Issue has a story entitled “Mad Sweden…” and gives us the faces of Swedish insanity.  Check out those faces here.

Then Marylanders were treated to an e-mail from Ellen Sauerbrey who ran the Office of Population Refugees and Migration in the Bush Administration with a link to this article which says—-bring ’em in!  Thanks to all who sent this to me yesterday!

What the Forbes writer doesn’t get is that we won’t be bringing in only the Christians!  He probably doesn’t know that contractors like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, or Catholic Charities, or Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services have no problem resettling all the Muslims the State Department sends their way! 

The politically-correct State Department does not seek out the Christians and place them at the top of the list!

We weren’t awake when the US began the resettlement of over a hundred thousand Somalis to our cities.  We are a little more awake as the State Department will soon top the Somali numbers with Iraqi “refugees.”  But, surely the public is now getting it—we can’t afford hundreds of thousands of needy Muslims!

* This post from early August went through the roof yesterday with 3,615 reads.  You must tell your elected officials—NO! to the wholesale resettlement of Syrians to America!

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