Lancaster, PA rally against more refugee resettlement TOMORROW!

***Update*** Here is news about what happened in Lancaster today.
Please see the story at ‘American Resistance 2016.’   And, if you happen to be in the area, help them out by attending!
See multi-purpose Leftwing protester Barry!
The funny thing for me is that in 2013, in Lancaster, the feds and their resettlement contractors were discussing ‘pockets of resistance’ but assuring the largely Pennsylvania audience that no resistance could be found in that state!

Fort Morgan, CO: Nearly 200 Somali workers fired at Cargill meatpacking plant

Oh boy, I get to use that wonderful German word – schadenfreude!
I first wrote about “WELCOMING” Ft. Morgan in 2008, go here to see many pages of posts on how the town opened its arms to Somalis being brought there through a refugee contractor for employment at Cargill Meat Solutions.
Cargill, by seeking out immigrant labor (including cheap Somali refugee labor), is one of the corporations directly responsible for destroying the cultural cohesiveness of your towns and cities often followed by the introduction of shariah law.  Demanding special treatment in the workplace for Islamic prayer is bringing shariah law to your community!

Refugees from Somalia fill their place of worship on Friday afternoons for prayer in the rented back rooms of a main street business in Fort Morgan. Joe Amon, The Denver Post
Refugees from Somalia fill their place of worship on Friday afternoons for prayer in the rented back rooms of a main street business in Fort Morgan. Joe Amon, The Denver Post

(Lutheran Social Services of Rocky Mountains is largely responsible along with Cargill. That is the same contractor that wants to seed Wyoming with Somalis).
See also, ‘Meatpackers changing small town America,’ here.
The Denver Post tells us the seeding of Ft. Morgan began in 2005.
Don’t miss one of my favorite posts of all time.  I reported on the Editor of the Ft. Morgan Times calling me out (I don’t know who else he could have meant at the time).
I’ve been waiting since 2008 to use this!

Of course, if it were up to some people, Somali refugees would not have a chance to resettle anywhere in the U.S. There is even a Web site devoted to teaching Americans how to chase refugees of various sorts out of town.

This is a kind of insanity, since everyone except Native Americans are immigrants. Unfortunately, it shows the dark, ugly underside of our great country.

Now, here is the news yesterday from Reuters. Will there now be 200 unemployed Somalis hanging around Ft. Morgan?

Nearly 200 workers, mostly Somali immigrants, have been fired from a meat-packing plant in Colorado after staging a walkout to protest what they said were insufficient prayer accommodations, the company and Islamic advocacy groups said on Thursday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the workers were treated in a “discriminatory manner” by managers at the Cargill Meat Solutions [CARGIL.UL] facility in Fort Morgan, about 75 miles northeast of Denver.

I’m not shedding any tears for Cargill, but I am for America!
Continue reading here and see that the ‘Somali Jesse Jackson’ (Omar Jamal) has inserted himself into the controversy.  I bet we have nearly 100 posts on Jamal who entered the US illegally more than a decade ago and was never deported!
Editor: This will be cross-posted at my new blog ‘American Resistance 2016’ because it makes a major point the we are covering there.

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Dear faithful readers,
Refugee Resettlement Watch had its best year ever in 2015 breaking all previous records for visitors (over 2 million viewers!) from 220 countries, islands, and territories in addition to US readers.
I’ve decided that for 2016 I want to broaden the topics I write about.  Don’t get me wrong, the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department is still a critical part of the plan to change America by changing the people, but I believe that in 2016 we must all turn our work toward the election in November.  

Election 2016
Because nothing else matters!

If we don’t begin to turn this ship this year, we are finished as a great nation.

All of you please continue your work on the Refugee Admission Program (if you have lots of time), but please, if your time is limited, and you can’t do both, turn your energy to Election 2016 because if we have 4 more years of a Democrat in the White House, and Republicans who can be bought in Congress, we are doomed!
No changes in the makeup of the donor class Republican House and Senate or the Marxist/socialist Democrat White House means that refugee resettlement will only grow and expand.
Heck, look at all the pushback you provided this past year and the Congressional Republican leadership did nothing to advance your security or our economic well-being as they opened America’s gates even wider to mass migration from the Middle East and the impoverished third-world.
Starting today, find a place for yourself and your talents in Election 2016!
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