North Carolina: Craven County considering resolution to block some refugees from the county

They should add Burma to their list of countries of concern!

We just told readers all about the resolution here at American Resistance 2016!  But, I wanted to give you some basic numbers for New Bern, the county seat, and didn’t want to make that post too long!

Susan Husson
Susan Husson (left) is the Executive Director of Interfaith Refugee Ministry and as such is responsible for the refugees arriving in New Bern.

The primary resettlement contractor in New Bern is ‘Interfaith Refugee Ministry’ another so-called ‘religious’ non-profit that is being paid by the head to bring refugees of all ethnic and religious backgrounds to coastal New Bern.  It is a subcontractor of one of the big nine—Episcopal Migration Ministries.
New Bern made the news last year when a Burmese refugee hacked to death three little boys.  See our post here. (So much for “robust” screening!). Be sure to see that post because at that time we looked up some financial information on Interfaith Refugee Ministry and it is posted there.
Also, the county’s US Congressman (Rep. Walter Jones) has been one of the leaders on The Hill in trying to rein-in the refugee program, see here.
I wanted to see exactly how many refugees New Bern was getting so checked the US State Department data base, here. Because of a lack of time, I didn’t look up any other towns that might be in Craven County.
These are the numbers for those being resettled in New Bern from January 1, 2009 until January 1, 2016 (Obama’s term so far). The whole state of North Carolina admitted 16,261 (I believe NC is in the top ten resettlement states in the nation, but did not check that for this post).  The numbers below do not take into consideration those who might have come as secondary migrants to New Bern, or those who have left (refugees can leave right away if they want and no one pays any attention to where they go).
Nationality and number:

Burma (1,087)

Colombia (20)

Cuba (20)

DR Congo (3)

Vietnam (44)

Iraq (52)

Somalia (2)

Syria (3)

Commissioners should add Burma to their list!

When you check the county commissioners’ proposed resolution, here, note that Burma is not on the list of countries of concern, but it should be!  We have admitted over 13,000 Rohingya Muslims from Burma to the US since 9/11, go here.
The US State Department has been mixing them in with the mostly Burmese Christians for resettlement and it has caused problems in several communities in the US.

Ottawa: Not enough low income housing for number of Syrians arriving in the capital

Oopsy!  New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s big promises hit another road block.

Trudeau home
Maybe Justin could make room for a few hundred at his new home!

There are 10,000 poor Canadians on a waiting list to get housing in Ottawa so now 450 Syrians are on hold living in temporary housing as Catholics and others scramble to find homes for families that are much larger than originally anticipated.
From CBC News:

An agency struggling to cope with the surge of government-sponsored Syrian refugees arriving in Ottawa has asked for — and received — a pause to let them find suitable housing for families already here.

The Catholic Centre for Immigrants, the agency overseeing the arrival of government-sponsored Syrian refugees in Ottawa, reported that all 450 temporary housing spots were full, since many of the families have not yet been able to secure permanent housing. [Why aren’t the Catholics concerned with Canadian poor people?—ed]


Ottawa expects to welcome about 1,200 Syrians by the end of February. So far, about 500 have arrived.

So which impoverished and disabled Canadians will they bump from the waiting list?

Also complicating resettlement efforts is the city’s centralized waiting list for affordable housing, which stands at 10,000 requests with an estimated wait of five years.

Continue reading here.
See our extensive archive on Canada by clicking here.
The shortage of affordable housing is one of the main impediments for the refugee contractors here in the US, in Canada and around the world. So make sure that the feds don’t arrive in your town passing out the big bucks to local governments to build more housing.

The housing will be immigrants not your own poor people!

***Update*** Yikes! No sooner had I posted this and I see Vancouver doesn’t have enough housing either! See here.
And, more turmoil and confusion in Canada over who pays the airfare for the Syrians. What a mess!