Two (more) state legislatures attempting to wrest some control from feds for refugee resettlement

South Carolina moved one step closer recently to advance a bill to try to get some control over who is being resettled in the state, and in Michigan bills were introduced to do the same.
I know it should be my job to explain the ins and outs of the various bills and attempt to predict what will happen with them, but honestly I don’t have the will power (or the legal skills!) to sort through it all.  So, instead, I’ll give you a couple of news accounts from this week (AB–After Belgium) for you to read yourself.
South Carolina…

Mark Wineka/Salisbury Post Ted Goins, president and chief executive officer of Lutheran Services Carolinas, headquartered in Salisbury, oversees an organization of more than 1,600 employees and an annual budget of about $115 million.
Ted Goins, CEO of Lutheran Services Carolinas told Think Progress: “South Carolina has a long history of welcoming those seeking refuge…” Well, actually no it doesn’t, it is one of the least refugee-populated states in the US (up until now).

First, check out what Think Progress says about the South Carolina initiative.  The closest they come to mentioning that Lutheran Social Services is a government contractor is to say they have been “tasked” with the job of getting refugees established in the state. No mention of the millions of your tax dollars paying them for their ‘task.’
Needless to say, if the South Carolina bill would become law, it will have a chilling effect on resettlement in the state as the Lutheran federal contractor could be held liable for crimes committed by their clients.
It is good to read publications like Think Progress from time to time.  You know it is a publication of the Center for American Progress (Soros, Clinton, John Podesta).
There is another article with wailing and moaning about the bill here.  For once, the contractors are on the defense.
Then there is the new effort in Michigan.
See Leo Hohmann writing at World Net Daily yesterday for the skinny on that pushback.
After telling us all the troubles Michigan is having with a rapidly expanding Muslim population, he reports that a citizens group (a pocket of resistance) has formed to push back.   Here is WND:
Mosques are mushrooming in Michigan, this one in Dearborn.

That is sparking an organized backlash from Michigan residents.

A citizens’ group called Secure Michigan has formed as a watchdog over the refugee resettlement program in the state. Secure Michigan issued a statement Tuesday after the jihadist attack on Brussels, Belgium, that killed 34 people and injured 200. The statement urged Michigan GOP Gov. Rick Snyder to renew his opposition to President Obama’s Syrian refugee program.

Obama wants to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S., about half of them in Michigan.

All of this has put pressure on state lawmakers to do something to slow down the flow of Third World refugees into Michigan.

State Rep. Jim Runestad, R-White Lake, has answered the call. He introduced legislation to make refugee placements in Michigan both safe and more transparent, while also giving local government a voice in the process as required by federal immigration law.

“House Bills 5528 and 5529 will protect both our communities and refugees entering our communities.

Continue reading here.  Then see our complete archive going back to 2007 on Michigan, here.  For more on South Carolina over the years, go here.

How many Muslims will it take to change America?

How many did it take to change Belgium?

Brussels mourning
Brussels in mourning. For what? Their dead? or their naivete? Both? Photo:

A recent poll confirms that a large percentage of American Muslims here now would like to live under Shariah law.
Before I get to the article.  Think about it. Belgium did nothing that should have been seen as provoking the ire of Islam. They aren’t flying jets over the Middle East and Africa.  In fact all they have done for the last two decades is to warmly WELCOME migrants to live among them, and bend over backwards to meet Muslim demands for accommodation of Islam (Shariah).
And, what do they get for the naivete —-they get murdered in the name of Allah.
Here is the news from American Thinker (hat tip: Sodiumpen):

The poll’s results show that at least 37% – and possibly as high as 45% – of American Muslims believe that their religion should be either the main source or a contributing source of American law.

The results are in general agreement with a poll released by the Center for Security Policy in June 2015 that showed 51% of American Muslims agreeing that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

For context, there are currently 3.3 million Muslims in the United States. If current population trends continue, the United States could be a Muslim-majority nation by mid-century. [BTW, CAIR claims there are 10 million Muslims in America.—ed]

It doesn’t take a Muslim majority to clamor for Shariah law, it only takes a population of just 3, 4, 5% in most cases we’ve followed around the world.
You know what I don’t get, how do those pushing for more and more Muslim migration to America think that somehow we will escape Belgium’s fate some day?  It is just a matter of numbers and percentages.