Montana writer: "…the U.S. to become welfare agency for the whole world."

Unfortunately this is one of those days where I have too many demands on my time to be able to write much.

Miliband and Hillary 'vibrant'
David Miliband, the former British Foreign Secretary (and bff Hillary), is the CEO of the International Rescue Committee which wants to seed Montana with third worlders. See Hillary’s big “crush” on Miliband, here:

But, definitely wanted you to see this excellent opinion piece in the Montana Standard about the proposal to re-open refugee resettlement in the state of Montana.
As you know, Wyoming has never had a program, see our recent post by clicking here, but Montana had a tiny program that died nearly eight years ago.  Open borders activists are working now to re-open big sky country to third worlders.
This is Paul Nachman, a Montana citizen activist, who knows just how the program works and opposes it for the state.  Use this piece for guidance when writing letters-to-the-editor where you live.
Montana Standard:

First, refugee resettlement in the U.S. is hardly the work of private, sacrificial charity that one might expect from the names — such as Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and Episcopal Migration Ministries — of prominent national “voluntary agencies,” or “volags,” involved.

Nachman goes on to discuss the International Rescue Committee (the refugee contractor that would like to open its doors in Montana), fraud in the program, and the expansion of the definition of who is a ‘refugee.’
Go here to read it all.  Leave a comment!
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