RRW monthly roundup for February 2016

rrw-logoFor me, the most fun I had in February was tweeting more frequently.  I’m a newbie at it, but just passed the 2,000 mark for twitter followers!  For news junkies it is fun to quickly get lots of information out without having to work too hard!  And, even if you aren’t on twitter, you can see what I send and open the story links in the right hand side bar here.  There is way too much news now on refugees for me to keep up any other way.
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But, don’t forget facebook!  We have a facebook page too with over 16,000 likes! We post many of our stories there, but try not to overload your facebook feed.  Kelly Monroe Kullberg helps me there and she posts some other stories that we think will interest you.
Here are the Top Three Posts for the month of February (in addition to our fact sheet which is always popular even if a little outdated):

  1. Pope’s publicity stunt at Texas border timed to influence US election

  2. St. Cloud, MN billboard removed when Catholic Charities complains

  3. Scotland: Man arrested for “Islamophobic” facebook comments about Syrian refugees

Here are the Top Ten Countries (excluding the US) from which we received readers.  It is pretty much the same bunch every month, with a little variation (countries where citizens are really frightened!):







New Zealand



South Africa

Below is my usual boilerplate information for new readers, if you’ve been around for awhile, you can stop reading here!

For new readers!  Here are some things you need to know:

I’ve started a new blog so that I can write about Election 2016 and immigration (the only issue that matters!).  See it here: American Resistance 2016!
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As much as I would love to see you all in your hometowns, I simply don’t have the time to travel.  Right now I have a few engagements I committed to sometime ago, but am not taking any more right now.  I think I am more useful right here researching and writing.  I am thinking of a project for this summer that might take me to other states, but that is still in the ‘dreaming’ stage.
Refugee Resettlement Watch is an entirely volunteer project by me—we don’t raise funds or advertise.  Therefore, I have no staff, no help, and so if I don’t answer the hundreds of e-mails I get every day, you know why!  And, I do apologize!
P.S.  There is so much happening on this subject that I would welcome (I encourage!) others to start blogs on the topic, either to cover your local and state issues or even to pick up more of the load nationally!  It does your community no good if you research, find important information (perhaps damning information) and then don’t share it widely!