Islamic State lists 36 Minnesota police officers on "kill list"

So, this is one of the joys that diversity brings “welcoming” communities.

Minnesota man ISIS
Take heart, this one is dead. (But he left 9 kids and several wives here for you to take care of!)

Of course, readers here know that Minnesota is the top resettlement state for Somali Muslims.
And now, we learn here at the Washington Times, that one in four “Americans” who have gone to join jihadists elsewhere in the world hail from refugee-rich Minnesota.
We raised these Somali ‘youths’ with our money (taxpayer dollars) and this is what we get!
Washington Times:

A group of hackers loyal to the Islamic State terrorist group have reportedly posted a “kill list” with the names and personal details of 36 policemen in Minnesota.

The list, published by the “Caliphate Cyber Army” on the encrypted mobile app Telegram, includes full names, home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of all the policemen, according to Vocativ.

The cops reportedly live in cities across Minnesota, but the majority are located in and around the Twin Cities.

Minnesota has a large population of Somali immigrants, with the Cedar Riverside community in Minneapolis housing the largest Somali community in the country. Since 2007, two dozen men from the Cedar Riverside community have left to join extremist groups.

A congressional report from last November said one in four Americans who has attempted to join the Islamic State group is from Minnesota.

We have a gigantic archive of posts on Somalis and Minnesota, use our search function to find them.  But, be sure to see this one—10,000 Somalis resettled in Minnesota in ten years.

Refugee Resettlement contractors find new House bill "offensive" (blah, blah, blah)

Of course, what else do you expect.  They will never admit that the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is flawed and should be reformed because their whole livelihoods depend on it continuing exactly like it is with their phony non-profit organizations almost completely funded by you, the taxpayer.
They want you to keep paying for their ‘religious’ charity, but leave them alone to run their ‘businesses’ and their ‘clients’ their way—the way they have been since their hero Teddy Kennedy pushed the bill that became the Refugee Act of 1980 through Congress.

mccullough-cws (1)
I find it “offensive” that as a taxpayer I pay McCullough’s salary! CWS CEO Rev. John L. McCullough arrested at the White House in 2014 while protesting for amnesty for illegal aliens. These are not ‘churches’ but are Leftwing community organizers. McCullough pulls down a handsome six-figure salary partially funded by US taxpayers to do his NO borders political activities. Photo at Sojourners:

I told you about the bill they are all worked up about here, yesterday, but it’s hard for me to get excited about it because it strikes me as window dressing too late in the legislative calendar to be meaningful.
And, with Obama in the White House there is no way it will ever become law.  If by a miracle it passed both the House and the Senate, would the leadership even have the guts to send it to Obama, I doubt it.
It will be interesting to see if these same Congressional leaders push any measure to reform the refugee program if Donald Trump should be in the White House in 2017.  And, at that point, do we want the pro-cheap labor pushers, the water-carriers for the Chamber of Commerce, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, ‘reforming’ it when Trump will have the power to cut it back himself?
All that said, it is always fun to watch the contractors whine and moan as they did in a conference call with reporters as we learned from CNS News (emphasis is mine):

…..during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, opponents of the legislation called it “punitive” and “mean-spirited”, and claimed it would “dismantle the U.S. refugee program.”

“It ties the hands of the U.S. government to respond to humanitarian crises,” said Melanie Nezer, vice president for policy and advocacy at HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), who criticized provisions in the bill that would strip refugee status from those who return to their home country and extends by two years the time period for refugees to be eligible to apply for permanent resident status “for no legitimate reason,” she said.

Melanie Nezer Syrians
I find it “mean-spirited” that Melanie Nezer wants to subject your community to refugees from countries that hate us—she was among the first to demand Obama admit 100,000 Syrians this year in spite of an FBI warning.

Nezer also objected to prioritizing “certain religious minorities” which, she said, would “hinder our ability to take in anybody.”

The bill “clearly discriminates against Muslims as the intended target,” said Rev. John McCullough, a United Methodist minister from New Jersey and president of Church World Service, which resettled 14,228 refugees from sub-Saharan Africa in the U.S. in FY2014, according to its website.

Church World Service head honcho, THE Reverend John McCullough finds it “offensive” that you, citizens in towns across America, should have any say in who they seed into your towns.

CNS continues…..

McCullough told reporters that he finds it “offensive” that under the bill, states and localities would be allowed to “determine who is welcome” instead of the federal government.

“This is very contrary to everything our country represents,” he said. “We have to call on the moral courage of Congress to reject this anti-refugee legislative proposal.”

Continue reading here.
More here on Church World Service.

P.S. Melanie Nezer authored a report, here, which urged the Southern Poverty Law Center to go after this blog (and me!) to try to expose us and silence us for disagreeing with her.