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Editor: As long-time readers know we have a category of posts here at RRW entitled ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts’ and today we bring you this comment from reader ‘hogswithdogs’ to our post ‘So much for the Pope’s power of persuasion’ here.

From our reader:


The USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) has launched a National Catholic-Muslim dialogue. Partners include ISNA and the Islamic Circle of North America. Inter-faith dialogue is not new as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is active in the churches trying to seek ‘common ground’ and ‘building bridges’. Per Stephen Coughlin, they view the bridge as one way – us travelling to their side as they have no interest in Christianity.

Learn more here:

My assumption is that you will hear more about this in your churches and the priests will be encouraged by their bishops to seek this ‘understanding’. How does this relate to this article? “Good question.”

Is the pope setting the tone for this dialogue? Is the pope setting an example that he wants us to follow? Will we see a push in the parishes to “adopt” Syrians sent to the United States by the UN?

What about the persecuted Christians? Our government is ignoring their plight. CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED BY THE ‘REFUGEES’ THAT THE ADMINISTRATION WANTS TO RESETTLE IN THE UNITED STATES!

Talk to your priests and fellow parishioners. Pray for persecuted Christians and let them know that the persecution is at the hands of Islam by the people that the UN will be sending to the United States!

‘Hogswithdogs’ then directs us to the USCCB website here from February of this year where we learn of the church snuggling up to the Muslim Brotherhood in America:

The current regional Catholic-Muslim dialogues are the Mid-Atlantic (partnering with the Islamic Circle of North America), Midwest (partnering with the Islamic Society of North America) and West Coast (partnering with the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County). Each is co-chaired by a bishop and a Muslim leader from the corresponding regional organization. These dialogues will continue to meet and will work collaboratively with the members of the new national dialogue.

It is no wonder so many are drifting away from the Catholic church and that we have beautiful churches, like the one in Syracuse, becoming mosques.

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