This federal refugee contracting agency is 97% taxpayer funded

I’m talking about the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) which is the contractor responsible for refugees arriving in Twin Falls, Idaho. USCRI is also the agency embroiled in the controversy about bringing Syrian Muslims to Rutland, VT.

Screenshot (14)
This is Lavinia Limon, CEO of USCRI, sharing the stage with Mr. Chobani (Hamdi Ulukaya) at the same Clinton Global Initiative gathering where Bill Clinton and Ulukaya thought it was a great idea to repopulate Detroit with Syrian refugees. Chobani Yogurt actively seeks refugee employees for their yogurt plants in New York and Idaho. Ms. Limon supplies the town of Twin Falls with refugees. Cozy huh? Watch here:

This is the second in my series on the US State Department’s nine major resettlement contractors***.  I told you about Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) here a couple of days ago.  I’ve reported on the nine (really quasi-government agencies) many times over the years, but it’s been about 2 years since I examined each of their financial statements closely, and since we have so many new readers I figured it was time to do it again.
The information on USCRI is from its 2014 Form 990 to the IRS:

They had a total revenue that year of $51,524,570

Of that $46,560,452 is from government grants (that is you).

They had another $3.4 million from various fees and contracts.  $1.9 million of that was from those air fare loans I told you about in the post on LIRS. I expect that most of the $3.4 comes from government sources of funding.

Run those numbers and you will see this means that 97% of their funds are from federal, state and local tax payers.
Forget that warm and fuzzy spin about charity and “humanitarianism!”

They couldn’t exist without your money and without Congress shelling it out to them!

Here is page 11 of this 2014 Form 990:
Screenshot (13)
Go to page 10 and check out the salaries:
USCRI’s head honcho is Lavinia Limon (Breitbart told you about her recently). Formerly Bill Clinton’s director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, she pulled down a salary and related income package of $302,519 in 2014.  Another Limon (family member?) collected $159,344.
Dear critics, if you find it outrageous that we report this information, remember this: If these were real charitable organizations raising private money I would not care how much they take in or how much they pay their employees, but these are in effect quasi-government agencies and therefore we are entitled to know where our money goes! By way of comparison, go here and see that federal elected officials and judges do not make nearly as much as Ms. Limon because they are accountable to you, she isn’t! Yikes! She makes more than Vice President Joe Biden!

Wow! I just went back to the accounting I did using the contractors 2012 Form 990s.  Go here and see how much their revenues have jumped in two years!
Is USCRI working in your town, go here and find out!
***These are the nine major resettlement contractors that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America, under them are 350 or so subcontractors:

First refugees to arrive in Missoula, MT are homeless; time for local do-gooders to step up

They aren’t on the street, but live in temporary housing (what! some motel?).
I can’t believe this! After all the hoopla and excitement about shoving refugees down the throats of Montanans who don’t want the poverty and cultural disruption third worlders bring to communities, the mighty International Rescue Committee (IRC) headquartered in New York City doesn’t have homes and apartments lined up for the former camp-dwelling Congolese whose arrival has been predicted for months!

Miliband and Soros
That is David Miliband in the middle giving George Soros and his son the IRC’s top award in 2013. LOL! It is called the Freedom Award. Miliband, a British citizen, runs the major US resettlement contractor with a salary of almost $600,000 a year. Maybe he, or Soros, could co-sign leases for the poor Africans being brought to Montana.

Where is Missoula’s R & P Abstract, did the IRC lie to the US State Department about the availability of reasonably priced housing for large families?
Didn’t the IRC sign a contract with the US State Department that said the refugees must have a home (with a requirement for a certain number of bedrooms for family members) to go to from the airport with the refrigerator stocked with culturally appropriate food?

When do-gooders don’t do good!

I’m going to rage a bit before I give you some snips from The Missoulian (Missoula Refugees face housing issues).
The International Rescue Committee is a behemoth in the Refugee Industry. It is the richest of the nine federal contractors with an annual income in 2014 of $688,920,920 and $454 million of that comes from YOU, the taxpayer. Its CEO, Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband*** is making $591,846 annually and probably lives in some swanky digs in Manhattan!  (See recent Form 990 here)
But, the IRC refuses to co-sign the housing rental agreements with the refugees they are dropping off in Missoula!
It is an outrage! They expect local landlords to waive their rules for the refugees that obviously have no credit and no background checks and no job prospects and take a gamble on them that they can pay the rent for months and years to come!  Not to mention the fact that over the last nine years I’ve heard many stories, especially about refugees who have lived in camps, that they do not know how to use modern appliances and often trash them in the process of learning how to operate dish washers, stoves, etc.
Here is the story that got my blood boiling this morning!

Congolese refugees and the people trying to help them get settled in Missoula are facing a housing crisis.

Five families from refugee camps in East Africa will be in town by the end of September, none of them with a source of steady income or credit history.

It’s the job of the local resettlement agency, the International Rescue Committee, to help them secure both as quickly as possible, said IRC director Molly Short Carr.

But record home sales prices in Missoula have placed rentals at a premium. And in a town that swells this time of year with university students – many with no credit ratings themselves – property managers and landlords can afford to be picky about who they rent to.

“We’re kind of hitting a bit of a brick wall,” Carr admitted.


Missoula has been approved [Why were they approved by the Dept. of State if housing was not available?—ed] as the destination for families of five, four and three people – 25 refugees in all – in the next few weeks, so the hunt for housing is becoming critical.

What a bunch of B.S. this is! We are expected to believe that local landlords should carry the burden of helping teach refugees how to be self-sufficient! Continue reading:

The IRC doesn’t allow its offices to co-sign for refugees.

“Our focus is really on getting them self-sufficient,” said Carr. “Co-signing is kind of a contradiction to self-sufficiency and being able to guide their own lives.”

Hey, here is an idea! maybe Mary Poole and other members of her group could take on the responsibility of co-signing rental agreements with landlords for the families they have ‘welcomed’ to Montana! Maybe put a little of their own skin in the game!


If your town is contemplating ‘welcoming’ refugees, please pay attention. The uber-wealthy resettlement contractor will be out of the refugees’ lives in only a few months and the burden of these third world families will be on you—the taxpayers, the landlords, the social services, the school system and the health services of your town!

***David Miliband is a pal of the Clintons, click here for many posts we have written about him in recent years. BTW, Miliband was the first of the resettlement contractors to call for 65,000 Syrians for America before Obama leaves office and he subsequently joined the chorus for an even larger number.
Addendum: After I posted this I thought you might be interested to know that Anne Richard (Asst. Secretary of State for PRM) and Robert Carey (Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement) were both former Vice Presidents at the IRC pulling down 6-figure salaries and are now the two top officials responsible for the entire US Refugee Admissions Program (the revolving door between government and contractor on full display).
Update: Soros spent $600,000 on a pro-refugee PR campaign in Europe (see here). How many refugees might he have helped personally with that kind of money? Or maybe Miliband would forego that huge salary and help needy refugees with it! Nah, he needs it to maintain the jet-setting lifestyle!