Target House Freedom Caucus before September 15th, tell them to halt all funding for expanded refugee program

Update September 8th: The Freedom Caucus seems to be discussing how to throw us a bone by way of an amendment to the Continuing Resolution. Congress could still cut the funding without a complicated amendment. (Will have more later.) In the meantime, a reader suggests calling Members’ district offices, tell them to cut all funding for refugees and if they don’t respond, put together a demonstration in front of the district office, take photos and get them a little unwanted publicity.
What is happening September 15th? That is the day the federal resettlement contractors (that masquerade as non-profits) say they are dropping off those postcards at the US Capitol demanding more refugees (200,000!) be admitted to the US beginning on October first (the first day of the new fiscal year).  More refugees require billions more of your (taxpayer) dollars to fly them here and place them in your towns.
This is all part of the Obama Administration’s lead-up to the big pow-wow at the UN and their final push to change America by changing its people.

Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland is the only Member of Congress who is on the Appropriations Committee and is a member of the Freedom Caucus. If you live in Maryland let him know how you feel about funding for more refugees, especially Syrians to be resettled in Maryland

No funding=no refugees!

The contractors*** have almost no money of their own, so they need yours!
Will the Republicans you sent to Congress curtail the funding or open the US Treasury spigot? That is the question as we head to the November election!

To help you target those in a position to make that decision, see first the House and Senate Appropriations Committee lists I posted here the other day.
Then here (below) are the Members of the House that you MIGHT be able to persuade.  This is the House so-called Freedom Caucus (House Tea Party Caucus is now defunct).  I have serious doubts about some of these members since the pro-open borders (cheap labor!) Koch brothers play a role in supporting the caucus.
So, just for curiosity sake, if your member is on this list, I suggest checking with NumbersUSA Congressional score card and see how they score with their votes on immigration issues generally. But, no matter what they scored, tell them what you think about importing poverty to your towns at your expense.
Here are the members of the Freedom Caucus:

Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chair
Justin Amash of Michigan
Brian Babin of Texas
Rod Blum of Iowa
Dave Brat of Virginia
Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma
Mo Brooks of Alabama
Ken Buck of Colorado
Curt Clawson of Florida
Warren Davidson of Ohio
Ron DeSantis of Florida
Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
John Fleming of Louisiana
Trent Franks of Arizona
Scott Garrett of New Jersey
Louie Gohmert of Texas
Paul Gosar of Arizona
Morgan Griffith of Virginia
Andy Harris of Maryland
Jody Hice of Georgia
Walter Jones of North Carolina
Steve King of Iowa
Raúl Labrador of Idaho
Barry Loudermilk of Georgia
Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming
Mark Meadows of North Carolina
Alex Mooney of West Virginia
Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina
Gary Palmer of Alabama
Steve Pearce of New Mexico
Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
Ted Poe of Texas
Bill Posey of Florida
Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania
Matt Salmon of Arizona
Mark Sanford of South Carolina
David Schweikert of Arizona
Marlin Stutzman of Indiana
Randy Weber of Texas
Ted Yoho of Florida

One name inexplicably missing from the list is Rep. Tim Huelskamp from Kansas who lost his primary and many blame the loss on  Speaker Paul Ryan (see here).
Is your Member of Congress listed above? Or, a member of the House or Senate Appropriations Committee?
If so, by the 15th of September tell him or her, in no uncertain terms, how you feel about billions of tax dollars being spent to import poverty and security risks into the US.
If you don’t have a member on any of these lists, you are not off the hook, tell your Republican Washington reps (tell Dems too) you want to cut the funding for the program for FY2017 (and copy whatever you send to Speaker Paul Ryan). Tell them you know they have the power of the purse, not Obama!
~You should write a letter to your DC lawmakers and be sure to ask questions so that they must answer something! (Do it the old fashioned way, write a real letter and ask for a response within 10 days).
~You could picket outside their local office back home.
~You could travel to Washington and insist on a meeting in their office on the subject of refugees. (I might be able to go with some of you.)
~Try to get on local and national talk radio shows and tell the audience that the number of refugees admitted to America in 2017 depends on Republicans in Congress (not on what Obama wishes).
~You could get a petition together that includes local citizens demanding a halt to the funding until we are all given assurances on the security issue.
~You should write letters to your local newspaper and encourage your friends to do the same. Use the opportunity to tell a refugee horror/crime story. The Leftwing propagandists love “stories,” but you have some too!
~You could find out who is contributing to your Washington reps’ political campaigns and expose any corporations that are on the hunt for cheap immigrant labor.
~You could get your local Republican Club, Tea Party (or other civic groups) to write the member a letter urging that they get involved in cutting the funds for the program.
~You must tell all your facebook friends to tell their Washington reps to cut the budget for refugee resettlement for fiscal year 2017.
~If any elected officials at the local or state level oppose the program, get them to write or call your Washington lawmakers.
~If you have a local resettlement office involved with a ‘faith’ group, expose them in letters to the editor for taking federal money for phony charitable work.
~You could hold a community forum on the topic of refugees sometime this month (probably not enough time before the 15th, but certainly for the end of the month) and invite your member of Congress.
~You could start a blog and call it Senator ____ Watch and report everything that Senator does on the immigration issue going forward.
Do something please!  And, send my latest video to everyone you know!
***These are the nine major resettlement contractors that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America, under them are 350 or so subcontractors. They will be out in force on Capitol Hill on the 15th pretending to be driven by humanitarian zeal, but in fact will be there to beat the drum for more money:


We need to get rid of slippery REPUBLICAN Senators like Bob Corker (R-TN)

Don’t let letters like this one from Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee (thank God Trump did not choose him as VP) deter you. I’ve been asking all of you to write/call or whatever even if you know your US Senator or Congressmen are losers.
Thanks to a reader for sending this with this comment:

So much for contacting my senators and congressman, there are significant reforms don’t you know which makes everything all right.

Corker has done zip! He is one of the biggest problems we have in the US Senate and here he thinks he can blow you off with throwing the blame onto the Obama administration.  Corker and his fellow Republicans in the Senate hold the purse strings. They could cut off Obama’s funding if they wanted to—they don’t want to!

Surely Senator Corker is pressing Obama here on the golf course to slow the flow of mostly Muslim refugees to America!

With this letter, he insults his constituents by assuming you know nothing about refugee resettlement.  The Visa Waiver program has nothing to do with refugee admissions!  And, then he falls back to blame those dastardly Senate Democrats (who are in the minority!) for not getting anything done.
Corker is going to “press the administration!”  How about pressing your own leadership namely Mitch McConnell!
Letter from Senator Corker:

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office with your concerns regarding homeland security and the resettlement of refugees in the United States. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

Like you, I believe there can be no shortcuts when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of the American people, and that protecting American citizens is the most significant responsibility of the United States Senate. In light of recent attacks in the United States and Europe, Congress can and should examine all potential gaps that might allow individuals who pose a security threat to enter our country, including in our refugee and visa programs and at our nation’s border, and resolve these issues in a constructive way to make sure our citizens are protected.

For this reason, I was pleased the Fiscal Year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations law included significant reforms to strengthen the visa waiver program, including prohibiting individuals who have traveled to Iraq, Syria, or countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, or are nationals of those countries, from using the visa waiver program to travel to the United States.

As you may know, I also voted to advance H.R. 4038, the American SAFE Act, which would put new requirements on the refugee vetting process for refugees who are nationals or residents of Iraq or Syria, or have been present in those countries at any point since March 2011, the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Specifically, the FBI Director would have to certify the refugee vetting process, and refugees from these countries, could only be admitted into the United States after the Secretary of Homeland Security, the FBI Director, and the Director of National Intelligence certify that each refugee does not represent a threat to national security. While there was majority support for proceeding to debate this legislation, unfortunately Senate Democrats blocked it from coming to the floor.

Please know, I understand your concerns about the potential security risks from immigrant visa programs, including the resettlement of refugees in the United States. I will continue to use my position in the United States Senate and on the Foreign Relations Committee to press the administration to demonstrate leadership on this issue and protect Americans from all those who seek to do us harm.

Thank you again for your letter. I hope you continue to share your thoughts with me.


Bob Corker
United States Senator

Are you getting slippery letters like this one, send them my way and I will publish some (can’t promise to publish all if you send me dozens and dozens!).
And to our reader and all of you getting letters like this.  Write back and tell them their answer is unsatisfactory and you want to know what he/she is going to do right now on this year’s omnibus—tell them you want the funds cut completely for the Refugee Admissions Program because there has never been a satisfactory answer to the security screening issue.  Tell them in fact security screening time has been reduced for Syrians and ask slippery Senators like Corker what he is doing about it!

Paris building refugee camps, segregating the sexes

Invasion of Europe news……

Refugee camp to open in Paris in October.

It isn’t quite this bad here. We don’t have camps yet, but…..  could it happen?
Already housing is short for the tens of thousands of refugees Obama (and the Republican Congress) have admitted this fiscal year.  We still have over 10,000 to squeeze in to America this month (see here)! And, we have tens of thousands of so-called ‘unaccompanied alien children’ to house.
Could we end up with refugee camps in America?
Thanks to Joanne for this story from France at the Huffington Post.  You will have to read it yourself because it won’t allow any snips. The gist of the story is that so many asylum seekers are building make-shift camps that the powers-that-be have decided to build them some nice ones right in Paris.
They are segregating the ‘refugees’ by sex because of all the rape and other sexual abuse going on in refugee housing throughout Europe.
See our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive here.

Will they meet Obama's goal of 85,000 refugees for FY 2016?

Fiscal year 2016 ends in about 23 days.

Can’t make it up! Good ol’ Uncle Joe (then Senator Joe Biden) helped design the Refugee Act of 1980 along with Ted Kennedy and surprise! NO refugees went to his home state of Delaware this year and only a tiny handful in the previous 36 years!

At this time last year Obama said we would distribute to hundreds (thousands?) of towns 85,000 refugees from all over the world.  (These will be permanent residents for any of you still harboring the notion that refugees come here temporarily.)
I just checked to see where Obama is with his goal (yes, he reached the 10,000 Syrians goal by shortening the security screening time from nearly 2 years down to 3 months), but will they reach 85,000 total refugees in the next few weeks?
Already we are hearing stories from everywhere that the nine federal contractors aren’t finding enough housing for all of them (where will they put another 11,000?).
The Refugee Processing data base tells us that as of September 1, they had brought in 73,289 which leaves 11,711 to be placed within a few weeks.
Here (below) is where the 73,289 were seeded in FY2016 (last 11 months) so far.
LOL! Check it out, Joe Biden began the refugee program with Ted Kennedy in 1980 and Delaware gets zip!

Northampton, Mass. to hold two "welcoming" public "conversations" this month

We told you the other day that Northampton, Massachusetts was ready and eager to “welcome” Syrian Muslims (99% of Syrians being admitted to the US are Muslims) this coming fiscal year which begins in only a few weeks, on October 1.
Catholic Charities, the primary resettlement agency there is holding two meetings this month to find support and help for the refugees because they do admit that after 90 days Catholic Charities’ (taxpayer-funded) help ends.  At that time the refugees become dependent on the goodwill of the city and the welfare that Catholic Charities has signed them up for.

Mayor David Narkewicz is apparently on board with his city becoming a “host” city for Syrians and impoverished Congolese refugees. Do they have jobs for them in Northampton? Or, does Northampton just want some poor people because diversity is beautiful.

Here is the news at  Our earlier post on the new refugee program for Northhampton is here.  How is the housing in this upscale city? A shortage of housing seems to be a growing problem everywhere.

Northampton residents are invited to attend two public conversations on the upcoming resettlement of 51 refugees into the city.

Catholic Charities of Springfield***, the agency contracted with the State Department to facilitate the resettlement, will host the sessions along with a “welcome home” steering group of local leaders.

The first, to be held Sept. 19 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the JFK Middle School cafeteria, will be attended by Mayor David Narkewicz. The second will take place Sept. 24 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Northampton Senior Center.

Susannah Crolius, the Catholic Charities coordinator of outreach and resource development, said the conversations are part of an effort to build a long-term support and integration network for the refugees.


The State Department typically provides funding for 90 days of services after refugees relocate to the United States….[Catholic Charities gets a cut of that for administering the program—ed]


Catholic Charities is adopting a small-scale, carefully planned approach, Crolius said; 51 is the minimum number of refugees a host community can accept.  [The following year CC will ask for 100 until like Lancaster, PA, the city could get up to 900 a year.—ed]

The is more at
***Readers who live in this area should read all of our posts on Springfield, Mass where the mayor has been begging for years for the flow to be slowed as the city was overloaded with poor refugees.  LOL! the top post at that archive is about hungry refugees in Springfield being arrested for killing and eating the small wildlife in the public park. Does Northampton have a public park?
I’m going to bore readers to death with this, but if the Republican Congress does not increase funding (and maybe even cuts what the contractors like Catholic Charities have been getting!) for the massive numbers of refugees proposed for FY17 these new sites will not be opened. Catholic Charities does not have the money on its own to do this, it requires funding from the US taxpayer to administer this program.