Will they meet Obama's goal of 85,000 refugees for FY 2016?

Fiscal year 2016 ends in about 23 days.

Can’t make it up! Good ol’ Uncle Joe (then Senator Joe Biden) helped design the Refugee Act of 1980 along with Ted Kennedy and surprise! NO refugees went to his home state of Delaware this year and only a tiny handful in the previous 36 years!

At this time last year Obama said we would distribute to hundreds (thousands?) of towns 85,000 refugees from all over the world.  (These will be permanent residents for any of you still harboring the notion that refugees come here temporarily.)
I just checked to see where Obama is with his goal (yes, he reached the 10,000 Syrians goal by shortening the security screening time from nearly 2 years down to 3 months), but will they reach 85,000 total refugees in the next few weeks?
Already we are hearing stories from everywhere that the nine federal contractors aren’t finding enough housing for all of them (where will they put another 11,000?).
The Refugee Processing data base tells us that as of September 1, they had brought in 73,289 which leaves 11,711 to be placed within a few weeks.
Here (below) is where the 73,289 were seeded in FY2016 (last 11 months) so far.
LOL! Check it out, Joe Biden began the refugee program with Ted Kennedy in 1980 and Delaware gets zip!

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