Obama-era pro-more-refugees ad still up and running to indoctrinate your kids

A reader alerted us to an ad (from the Ad Council) running repeatedly on their childrens’ TV programing, specifically VeggieTales a show created to convey “Christian moral themes and [teach] Biblical values and lessons.”

We looked for more information on the ad directing viewers to something called Embrace Refugees and found that the public service ad was a joint venture between the Ad Council and the US State Department released on World Refugee Day 2016.

Readers may recall that during this period, Obama was headed toward his big refugee pow-wow in the UN scheduled for September of 2016 and was setting the groundwork for Hillary to step in and continue a refugee flood to America.

See this news report at something called The Ralph Retort when the ad was released.

The ad directs viewers to Embrace Refugees  making it appear to be just one more private project by good-hearted charities instead of a US State Department engineered project.


Screenshot (819)
Many of the usual cast of characters are here.  Six federal refugee contractors are involved. Interestingly 3 Christian ones are absent from the Embrace campaign: US Conf. of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services and World Relief.  See how much of your money is redistributed to these contractors: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2017/07/11/updating-financial-data-on-refugee-contractors-big-bucks-for-humanitarian-work/


This is the sort of project taxpayers should question and frankly someone with investigative skills should attempt to follow the money and figure out how much of our money (I bet all of it is our money) was used to produce and distribute the propaganda.

You gotta hand it to the Left, they are working every day to change America by getting to your kids (and using your money to do it)!

Here is the ad:


A reader suggested I give you the White House contact page every day.  Ask the President why this Obama ad is still running!

Refugee contractor, HIAS, to conduct conference call today on upcoming Trump ‘determination’

As promised I’m continuing to harangue readers about the significance of what President Donald Trump will decide this month regarding the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for FY18 which begins October 1.

If he makes a recommendation of 50,000 refugees (or the 75,000 the contractors want), then know that there is no change in how we import and distribute refugees (third world poverty) around the country.  But, he could suspend the program and tell Congress he wants it reformed.

We learned that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine major federal resettlement contractors*** will hold a conference call today so you can learn more about what is happening. Since HIAS has an inside track to the pro-more-refugees bureaucrats at the Dept. of State, they may actually already know what the Prez is going to send to Congress.

Here is what HIAS announced:

Screenshot (816)


Screenshot (817)

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You should know that HIAS has been a leading critic of DJT since during the 2016 campaign. In February, while collecting taxpayer money, HIAS put on an anti-Trump New York rally featuring Rep. Keith Ellison, here.  They are also a primary plaintiff in the lawsuits against the so-called ‘travel ban.’

You must: Tell President Donald Trump to suspend the FY18 Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP)!

Ask him why he would give federal dollars to non-profits that are knee-deep in opposition to his presidency.

*** For new readers, these are the Federal contractors/middlemen/employment agencies/propagandists/lobbyists/community organizers? paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities listed below.  Under the nine major contractors are hundreds of subcontractors.

The contractors income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, but they also receive myriad grants to service their “New Americans.”

If you are a good-hearted soul and think refugee resettlement is all about humanitarianism, think again! Big businesses/global corporations depend on the free flow of cheap (some call it slave) labor.  It is for this reason that Republican leaders of Congress are supportive of an uninterrupted flow of refugees into America.

The only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove these contractors/Leftwing activists/big business head hunters from the process.