Daily Caller headline writer has fallen for the spin—45,000 refugees is not a huge cut!

White House Prepares To Announce Huge Cut In Refugee Admissions

Just because Obama set a ceiling of an unrealistically high 110,000 for one of his 8 years (which was not realized), we are supposed to be thrilled about 45,000!

***Update*** Do not fall for the media spin that Trump is cutting numbers in half. I just checked admission numbers for 15 full years following 9/11 and the average admission number is 57,938. I repeat: 45,000 is not a significant drop! Go here for all the numbers.

If the Daily Caller has its facts straight (and this isn’t a head-fake!), Trump’s State Department is proposing a ceiling of 45,000 refugees for FY18 which will do nothing to bring about needed reform.

Trump grin and Tillerson
If true, Trump has been fooled!

It will slow the flow some, and maybe a contractor CEO or two will have to take a pay cut (from their $200,000-500,000 a year salaries); low level staffers will get the boot; and some new resettlement sites might be put on hold—big deal.

Without any reform initiative from the White House, when Trump is no longer in office they will simply boost numbers to make up for lost time.

45,000 is NOT a significant reduction!

Even the sainted Obama had two years when he admitted between 50,000 and 60,000. George Bush had two years between 20,000 and 30,000!

The Daily Caller cites Axios that is reporting that Secretary of State Tillerson will go to the Hill on Wednesday to “consult” about their 45,000 refugee cap—a number which is making the career bureaucrats angry, we are told. (Of course, they want a much higher number.)

Axios says Stephen Miller in the White House wanted 20,000.

We maintained that in light of Harvey, Irma and Maria (American refugees!) the program should have been suspended.

45,000 will not win Trump any brownie points with the Open Borders left, the resettlement contractors, and Chamber of Commerce types, so he should have gone the whole way, suspended the program and told Congress to reform it.

Mark my words….

As soon as Trump is no longer in office, the Dems and the RINO establishment will up the number above 100,000 to make up for lost time and a window of opportunity to review the program will have been lost.

Obama’s State Department had big plans for new resettlement sites

Throughout 2016 we reported on some of the proposed new “welcoming” communities that the Obama team was quietly targeting as new resettlement sites.

Screenshot (867)
When you look through the guide, you will see that many ‘stakeholders’ in your community were engaged in planning for refugees even while you, the taxpayer, was kept in the dark

One of those was Pittsfield, Mass (here and here).

Today we have news that since the number of paying clients (aka refugees) was declining under Trump, some of those sites are being cancelled. One is Pittsfield. See Feds drop plan for Pittsfield, here.

And, recently we reported that the new Episcopal church office in Charleston, WV was also cancelled.

But, I did see that, although the Rutland, Vermont pro-refugee-welcoming mayor lost his election bid, the arrogant contractor USCRI has applied for 100 Syrians and Iraqis again for FY18 (they likely won’t get them, but it makes for a media opportunity to bash Trump when they don’t).

For new readers, (assuming the DOS is keeping it up to date), go here to see the available resettlement sites. They can resettle within 100 miles of each location.

For all of you trying to stay on top of the issue—-which towns are targeted AND WHY!—here is the Dept. of State’s New Site Guide introduced by none-other than Laurence Bartlett.

Note that it is undated, but I believe it was prepared in anticipation of an expansion of the program toward the end of the Obama Administration (an expansion that obviously didn’t happen).


Screenshot (868)
Bartlett was the headliner at the recent Heritage Foundation event: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2017/09/14/is-the-heritage-foundation-selling-you-out-on-unus-refugee-admissions-policy/


This post is filed in my ‘Where to find information’ category. I suggest you download the guide before it disappears.

One of the things in the document is the list of items that the local contracting agency must have available for its new clients—right down to the towels and kitchen utensils. So, if you get word that your local contractor isn’t meeting its contractual obligations, raise a red flag!

And, take note of the fact that in about 90 days the resettlement agency contractor is done with them, and they are in your town or city’s care.

For new readers, here are the nine major contractors which receive compensation on a per-head basis for each refugee they place in your town:


Mama Merkel could have a rough next 4 years

Invasion of Europe news…..

You’ve seen the news I’m sure, but this headline at Reuters caught my attention:

Incensed over refugees, east Germans punish easterner Merkel

Here is the story.  Germany headed down the tubes IMHO (emphasis below is mine):

BERLIN (Reuters) – For weeks, Chancellor Angela Merkel endured taunts and whistles whenever she ventured out on the campaign trail in her home region of eastern Germany.

Merkel oopsy
What did she win? In four more years will Germany even be recognizable?

And on Sunday, it was voters in the east, incensed by her decision to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country, that helped send her conservatives to their worst result since 1949 and vaulted a far-right party into the German parliament.

They want Germany for Germans! What a novel idea!

Preliminary results showed the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) winning 22.9 percent of the vote in the former communist east, well above their national result of roughly 13 percent. The AfD performed especially well with east German men, 26 percent of whom backed the party.


Merkel did secure a fourth term on Sunday, but she limped to the finish line and must now cobble together an unwieldy coalition with two other parties — the business friendly Free Democrats (FDP) and environmentalist Greens — that have diametrically opposed views on many of the big issues.

The result suggested that pollsters may have underestimated the lingering impact of the refugee crisis in the election and the outsized influence it would have in the east, where voters continue to behave very differently than their brethren in the west 28 years after the fall of the Wall. [Those eastern Europeans haven’t been sufficiently brain-washed with political correctness, or do they understand what occupation feels like!—ed]

I have a very large archive on Germany and an even larger one on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’

Trump travel ban morphs into new list, extra vetting

Big deal!

Where is the Refugee Determination!

We are still waiting  to hear what the Trump Administration is going to do with the Presidential Determination on how many refugees (and from where they will come) starting in 6 days.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is a US territory and you know we will need to help them! So, on top of that financial burden, is Trump getting ready to invite 40,000-50,000 third worlders to the US beginning next week when so many people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are homeless?

In six days you could see a new wave of 40,000-50,000 third worlders begin arriving in your towns and cities as American refugees suffer in the wake of  three major hurricanes

Although Trump lumped the two issues together in his first Executive Order….

Don’t get the refugee ‘determination’ confused with this latest so-called ‘travel ban’ issue especially because while adding Venezuela and North Korea (few come to the US anyway!), Trump won’t do extra scrutiny of the refugees arriving in potentially large numbers from Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma (Rohingya!).  He even took Sudan off the list!

(See Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily on the Rohingya, here.  And, see Politico on the latest list of countries with new restrictions on travel.)

We are six days away from the new fiscal year!

Where is the State Department report to Congress, where is the consultation with Congress, where is the publication in the Congressional Record of the consultation, and where are the House and Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that are supposed to proceed the final determination (See the steps set out in the Refugee Act of 1980, here.)?

America First!

The politically smart move for Trump now is to suspend the Refugee Admissions Program for FY18, for at least 6 months until American people are back on their feet!

And, he could tell Congress to hold oversight hearings on the USRAP with an eye to trashing the system altogether or reforming it!