Pennsylvania: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society rep says Trump low admission numbers could end the program

Cathryn Miller-Wilson said this to the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday referring to a rumored ceiling number for FY19 of 25,000:

“Those kind of numbers are the elimination of the refugee resettlement program.”


Cathryn Miller-Wilson
Cathryn Miller-Wilson

I think HIAS overstates the case, and I want all of my readers to know that although low numbers might push some of the agencies (contractors)*** under financially (because the government pays them by the head for each refugee they place), the program won’t be eliminated as long as the Refugee Act of 1980 is still on the books in its present form.

I continue to advocate for the Trump Administration to pressure Congress to reform the entire process. 

And, frankly time is running out! If the Republicans lose the house in November, then it is all over for years.

And, if the Republicans survive and Trump is not our president after 2020, there will be no reform.

So it is now or never!

Message to the White House:

Think big!

Go on the offense!

You are going to be blasted for any number lower than the 75,000 refugees the contractors are demanding.  So, my recommendation is that you set the level at zero and tell Congress to reform the program. If they want refugees, then review and reform the law! (And, we know that the White House could send recommended legislation to The Hill right now!)

There is no legal requirement that we take even one refugee! 

And, there is no legal requirement that American taxpayers support these nine supposed non-profit groups!

Here is some of the The Inquirer story with a title we have come to expect:


Immigrant advocates fear U.S. will no longer be a beacon for refugees

The fear among immigration advocates is not only that thousands of refugees could remain stuck in overseas camps. Or that staffers at resettlement agencies in Philadelphia and elsewhere could be laid off or reassigned.


Muslims praying at WH
HIAS helped organize this protest against the President. That is their banner at right. Is this what they do with our money?


They’re afraid that the United States’ historic mission of welcoming the world’s most vulnerable people [like those in the photo?—ed] could effectively be coming to an end, with President Trump expected to again lower the annual limit on refugee admissions.

The talk filtering from Washington to on-the-ground agencies is that Trump could put the new cap at 25,000, with perhaps only half that number actually entering the country, the result of bureaucratic delays and other factors. He set the current year’s figure at 45,000, a nearly four-decade low. Less than half that number have been admitted as the end of the fiscal year approaches on Sept. 30.


By law, the president, in consultation with Congress, must issue what is called the Presidential Determination before the new fiscal year starts on Oct. 1. Generally, the number begins to leak from government officials around Labor Day.


Refugees come to the Philadelphia region from Afghanistan, Iraq, Bhutan, and elsewhere around the globe, but now in smaller numbers.

“We can’t just be quiet about this,” said Cathryn Miller-Wilson, executive director of HIAS PA, which provides legal and support services to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. “Those kind of numbers are the elimination of the refugee resettlement program.”

More here.


*** These below are the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors.

You might be sick of seeing this list almost every day, but a friend once told me that people need to see something seven times before it completely sinks in, so it seems to me that 70, or even 700 isn’t too much!

And, besides I have new readers every day.

The present US Refugee Admissions Program will never be reformed if the system of paying the contractors by the head stays in place and the contractors are permitted to act as Leftwing political agitation groups and community organizers paid on our dime! And, to add insult to injury they pretend it is all about ‘humanitarianism.’

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  And, get them registered to vote eventually!

From my most recent accounting, here.  However, please see that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done an update of their income!


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