Tucker Carlson Praises (my man!) Jeff Sessions

I’m posting this to tweak all of you Jeff Sessions haters out there.

The Alabama Senate Primary run-off is next Tuesday, July 14th and if the “empty suit” Tommy Tuberville wins it will be one more nail in America’s coffin.


See what I said here  in 2018 when Trump threw Sessions under the bus.

6 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Praises (my man!) Jeff Sessions

  1. Yes Ann, Jeff Sessions was always my hero and brought alot of attention to the immigration issue plus his staffer Stephen Miller learned alot from Jeff and is still on staff with Trump. Thank goodness. Trump was right in firing Sessions for recusing himself from his intended role as AG. Sessions caved to the left. Trump’s whole political life and his family’s life was at stake during the Mueller inquiry. He was drug thru the mud and his family was interrogated and sent white powder etc. Trump made a mistake in putting Sessions into that role in the first place and that was his only flaw. Sessions is a long time gentleman from the Senate from a time when Senators had some ethics, honor and congeniality. He was no match for this Democrat party of today, with no ethics, no honesty, no sense of fairness and even not treating their fellow congressmen as they were treated. So it was Trump’ s fault for not choosing the correct person for the job. All that being said I pray that Sessions will get back in the Senate but he needs to toughen up. IF possible.

    1. How about giving me some evidence of how he is a Globalist. You can’t just throw that word around the way the Left throws “racist” around.

        1. Come on! Facts please! What actions? I bet you never followed his incredible one-man opposition to amnesty in the Senate for years. And, he put many refugee pushers on the hotseat before his committee. He sacrificed that career in the Senate very early on supporting an ultimately ungrateful Trump! Maybe one could argue he should have been head of Homeland Security and that is Trump’s fault for not seeing that. Trump was supposed to be the great decider when it came to hiring people and that is likely his greatest failing as president. He can’t seem to be able to discern which people are friends and which are enemies when it comes to picking staff!

  2. Hello Ann,

    I always liked Jeff Sessions!
    And unlike some people, I was in complete disagreement and dismay (actually anger) when President Trump threw Jeff Sessions over-board!

    As for President Trump: I got a lot of flak from certain individuals when I said two years ago if there ever was a case for Reincarnation it is Donald J Trump. I did a lot of research into past U.S. Presidents, and Warren G. Harding “fits the bill”.

    As for Tucker Carlson: Liked this guy the first time I saw him on Fox News.
    Wish we had a thousand “Tucker Carlsons”


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