CIS Posts Update on US Refugee Contractors, but Does it Matter in the Year from Hell?

Nayla Rush writing at the Center for Immigration Studies has posted a thorough update on the US Refugee Admissions Program focusing on how the nine federal contractors basically call the shots about where refugees are placed.

Please see her report here, read it and file it for a time when we return to normal (which may be a long way off in the future!) and will be permitted to have wonkish discussions about the nuts and bolts of federal programs.

But, as I have been saying here and here, these are not normal times and in the coming months don’t be distracted by thinking that the November elections will be normal and come January 2021 we go back to squabbling over the intricacies of federal programs like the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see how that can be.

Your entire focus for the remainder of the year should be on preparing to survive (personally) and working to help our country survive the chaos those who want to destroy America are going to rain down on us.

If Trump wins, expect violence in the streets. There may be a lull right now, but most likely because the Marxists/Antifa/BLM are working on plans for the coming months.


Trump in the Rose Garden on July 14th: ” Biden has gone radical left.
Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent. Huh. That’s a lot: by 700 percent. Nobody has ever heard of such a thing. Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent.”


If the empty shell Biden wins and has one or both houses of Congress, we will be done. 

I expect there won’t even be any vocal opposition permitted—our speech will be silenced one way or the other as America’s gates will be flung open to the world.

And, about that 700%?  Biden has already said he will immediately admit 125,000 refugees a year to America and so to get to that figure, it likely means that Trump expects to admit about 15,500 before September 30th.***  I don’t think it will be nearly that high as we are only at 7,800 now.  The original ceiling was supposed to be 18,000. (Trump’s people might be adding in the Special Immigrant Visas to get that number up.)

Rush does excellent work, so read her report and pray that one day we can again return to squabbling over the implications of government programs, but as I said in November of 2019, you need to work to get the President re-elected.

And, you must also prepare your household and your community for an attack on civil society like we have never seen.

By the way, have you had your “second tower moment?”

*** LOL! Surely someone will check my math.  If I am wrong, it isn’t me!  I used one of those percent calculator things!