The Afghans are Coming! CAIR NJ Jumping for Joy, Mobilizing Mosques

Of course they are as the Hijra (migration jihad) is now being accelerated beyond their wildest dreams!

Here is the bare bones news from Breaking 911 about the newest site for containing Afghans before they are distributed to a town near you.


Thousands of Afghan Refugees Heading to New Jersey Military Base


Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey is now ready to receive Afghan evacuees, the Joint Staff deputy director for regional operations said.

The Joint Base is the latest of four installations hosting eligible Afghans seeking a special immigrant visa***, said Army Maj. Gen. William D. “Hank” Taylor at a press briefing this morning. The other three are Fort McCoy, Wisconsin; Fort Bliss, Texas; and Fort Lee, Virginia, Taylor said.

U.S. Northern Command continues to build out capacity to ensure the Afghans are accommodated, said Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby, noting that the goal is to be able to receive about 25,000 in the coming days and weeks.

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Remember this….

Tripping down Memory Lane!  Do you remember the Ft. Dix Six—-Muslim refugees from Albania planned an attack on the military base in 2007.  I wrote about it here in my first year writing this blog.

It interested me because this all happened near where I grew up.

Then this…..

From NJ Monitor:

Thousands of Afghan refugees expected at McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military base

If you want to help take care of the refugees, cultural training (of course!) is underway because the refugees will not be expected to adopt American ways, we must adopt theirs!

Help, though, isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Privacy and security, for example, are considerations that must be weighed. And Mentha recounted how, in his early days of working with immigrants, he wasn’t aware how something as automatic to Americans as a handshake could be unwanted or even offensive to people of other cultures. That’s why he planned to attend a “cultural competencies” training Tuesday afternoon the Afghan-American Foundation organized for humanitarian workers helping refugees.

Mosque are being mobilized, says CAIR NJ:

For the Council on American-Islamic Relations of New Jersey (CAIR-NJ), helping Afghan refugees means mobilizing the state’s mosques. There are over 150 that serve about 300,000 Muslims across the state, said Selaedin Maksut, the group’s executive director. CAIR-NJ has asked them to gather goods and scout out housing possibilities for refugees, Maksut said. CAIR-NJ also offers free legal aid — and will do so for any refugees who need it, he said.

The group also stands ready to address and fight any xenophobia and Islamophobia that might accompany Afghans’ arrival here, he said.

Maksut applauded Gov. Phil Murphy for his recent “very welcoming and progressive” letter to President Biden, in which the governor wrote that “accepting these refugee honors the sacrifice made by veterans in the war in Afghanistan — too many of whom died working towards the same goal sought by these refugees: stability and peace.”

The International Refugee Assistance Project last week estimated that about 100,000 Afghans were seeking evacuation to the United States, according to the Associated Press.

There is more here.

*** Seeking a special immigrant visa?  WTH!  So, if they don’t meet the requirements, then what?  Are we expected to believe they will be shipped back to Afghanistan?  That will never happen! Everyone who sets foot on American soil is one more your tax dollars will be feeding and housing for years to come!

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3 thoughts on “The Afghans are Coming! CAIR NJ Jumping for Joy, Mobilizing Mosques

  1. Lots of good information on Numbers USA:

    Aug. 27th, 2021

    THIS ISSUE: Biden under pressure to admit ALL Afghan evacuees
    FRI, AUG. 27th
    With all eyes on Afghanistan, we’re keeping watch on how the Biden Administration deals with and will continue to deal with the tens of thousands of Afghans being evacuated by U.S. forces.

    Pres. Biden is under tremendous pressure from outside groups to transport Afghans to the U.S. even before their vetting process for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) or refugee status is complete. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said that the administration will simply parole anyone who doesn’t have a visa while their status is in limbo.

    While polling has shown that Americans are sympathetic to Afghans whose lives are at risk under the new Taliban regime, that doesn’t mean that Americans support resettling all of them halfway around the world, knowing there are potential security risks.

    The defense and intelligence publication, Defense One, is reporting that approximately 100 Afghans transported to U.S. bases overseas have been flagged as potential security risks.

    But in at least one case, the evacuee “looks like a potential member of ISIS,” the first official said. “They’re still working that through.”
    Congress has authorized two Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs for Afghans who worked with the United States over the last two decades. While many of the Afghans fleeing the country will be funneled through one of these two programs, the Biden Administration has also created a priority refugee program for Afghans who don’t qualify.


    The first program, and the most selective, provides up to 50 SIVs per year for Iraqis or Afghans who served as a translator/interpreter for U.S. forces. Their spouses and minor children are also eligible for visas and don’t count towards the annual cap.

    In order to qualify, translators must have worked with U.S. forces for at least 12 months and must obtain a favorable recommendation from a senior-level officer.

    Since the program’s inception, approximately 750 Afghans, plus their family members, have been approved for the visa, totaling about 2,100 visas.

    Most agree, that, despite the risks, this is the group most deserving of permanent resettlement in the United States after appropriate vetting. Most have put their lives on the line for the U.S. effort, working alongside service members on the frontlines.

    Workers on behalf of U.S. Gov’t and Allies

    Congress has also authorized an SIV program for Afghans who worked on behalf of the U.S. government or our allies. Initially, the program provided 1,500 SIVs per year for 5 years starting in 2009 with any unused visas rolling over into future years. Like the translator/interpreter program, spouses and minor children are also eligible for visas and exempt from the cap.

    Congress has extended this program on multiple occasions, and since 2008, 74,000 Afghans (21,000 principal and 53,000 family members) have received SIVs.

    To qualify, individuals must have worked on behalf of the U.S. government or its allies for at least a year, must receive a letter of recommendation, and must have experienced or be experiencing a serious threat because of their employment.

    While some Afghans may have done important work, most performed jobs out of harms way and with little to no loyalty to the United States and its allies. Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian wrote in National Review that most took the job “because the jobs offered good pay in real money.”

    P-2 Refugee Program

    Earlier this month, the Biden Administration announced the Priority 2 refugee program. This is a catch-all program for any Afghan that doesn’t qualify for an SIV and isn’t subject to any numerical limitations. In other words, Pres. Biden can admit anyone and everyone he wants.

    In addition to the security risks that all of these programs present, all Afghans resettled in the U.S. will receive work permits and taxpayer-funded assistance.

    As a reminder, NumbersUSA supports resettling our fair share of internationally-recognized refugees who are in need of permanent resettlement, while also recognizing that it is often best for refugees to be resettled as geographically close to their country of origin as possible

    In other refugee-related news, the Supreme Court delivered a blow to the Biden Administration’s immigration policy this week when it upheld the “Remain in Mexico” policy employed by the Trump Administration to end the 2019 border surge. It is yet to be seen if Mexico will cooperate with this policy requiring most asylum seekers at the southern border to remain in Mexico while their case is evaluated but it is certainly one of the most effective tools the U.S. has in regaining control of the southern border.

    New Actions

  2. Our weekly Tuesday Council Members slip through lots of bad stuff “in the night while many are asleep” — we simply MUST pay attention to what is going on locally! Look at what they’re proposing:

    Proposal No. 2021-86, An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Adopting a New Chapter 2.105 of the Pierce County Code, “Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs.” Sponsors: Hitchen and Campbell – both Ds. The Rules Committee has set a final Council hearing for September 21st. Good Lord, we need to look into this one big time. I do not know if this passed in the Council meeting today, as the results are not posted yet.

    We certainly need to see the actual language of this new Chapter 2.105, don’t you think? I wonder who is responsible for writing this new PC Code language – the local refugee resettlement bunch, I’m sure – and probably many churches who benefit tremendously from taxpayer monies for each refugee, and CAIR folks.

    Any advice on what to do to fight this, anyone?

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