Laura Ingraham Talks with Stephen Miller: Afghan ‘Refugees’ Should be Resettled in Middle East

America does not owe permanent residency and citizenship to tens (hundreds!) of thousands of Afghans!

And, as Miller says, how do you screen for security when the entire apparatus of government is controlled by the Taliban?

See The Ingraham Angle interview from last night. Begin watching at about 22:36, hat tip Brenda.

This is about changing America by changing the people!

If you missed it, see my post yesterday….

Even Trump Wants to ‘Welcome’ Tens of Thousands of Refugees—the Afghans!

Tens of thousands already here!

Most people do not understand (and the media doesn’t tell us) that we have already admitted tens of thousands of Afghan supposed helpers as I pointed out here in 2019.  It is a good thing I took a screenshot of the data because it seems to be missing now from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Special Immigrant Visa Holders Coming in by the Thousands from Afghanistan, but Iraqi Flow has Slowed

For more history on the Ted Kennedy created Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan (who have been coming into the US for over a decade), see my archives.

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7 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Talks with Stephen Miller: Afghan ‘Refugees’ Should be Resettled in Middle East

  1. If the Taliban are a threat to Afghans who cooperated with us I would like to see those Afghans reach safety; in other Muslim countries.
    If we continue to bring in large numbers of people who live in bad countries it is inevitable that America will become a Bad Country that our people will want to seek refuge from.
    In addition to Steve Miller and Tucker Carlson, I heard one other person advise or caution against bringing in more Afghan refugees. It was an Army veteran named Sean Parnell who is running for the US Senate for PA. He told about an Afghan advisor who after going on many missions with his unit betrayed them and told the Taliban where they could successfully place a buried bomb that killed one of the soldiers in his unit and wounded many others.
    The future for white Americans daily becomes more uncertain.

  2. Thank you Ann-I have been saying this since the nonsense of “we promised” and “we have to help them and bring them here” started.
    The emotional wailing about these poor people to garner sympathy so no one pays attention is disgusting.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if this was planned to further disrupt and destroy our country.
    Changing the country by changing the people…

  3. We brought Chinese refugees to Taiwan, established no-fly zones in Kurdistan for Kurds, refugee camps in Thailand after Vietnam and displaced person camps in Europe after WWII to house refugees while they were processed and investigated. No reason we couldn’t do something similar for Afghans to get them out of harm’s way while insuring more terrorists don’t move to the USA as a 5th column…

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