Few UN Refugees Resettled Worldwide in 2020, but US STILL LED THE WORLD

Even as we have heard nothing but crying and moaning for the last few years from the refugee resettlement contractors*** about that mean President Donald Trump, a report from the UN confirms we still admitted more UN-chosen refugees than any other country!

Here is the news yesterday from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

And, btw, the photo the UN uses is of a family of Congolese ‘refugees’ being resettled to France from South Africa, THE RAINBOW NATION, the country that is safe and has been touted as a welcoming beacon to the world, and did I say, SAFE country.

Why are Africans not welcome in socialist, post-apartheid, South Africa!


With refugee resettlement at a record low in 2020, UNHCR calls on States to offer places and save lives

Despite an estimated 1.44 million refugees in urgent need of resettlement globally, only 22,770 were resettled through UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, last year. This is according to annual statistics released by the agency today.

These are the lowest refugee resettlement numbers the agency has witnessed in almost two decades. The drop stems from low quotas put forward by states, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed departures and programmes.

How many has Ms. Triggs taken home to her house?

“We can only hope that 2020 will be an extreme anomaly for refugee resettlement.

We urgently call on governments to boost their programmes this year, offer more places, expedite the processing of cases and help us save lives of those most in need and at greatest risk,” said UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Gillian Triggs.


The largest numbers of resettled refugees in 2020 originated from Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Myanmar.

So isn’t your next question naturally this one:

So where did those refugees get resettled?

LOL! It isn’t in the story, you have to open the link to the data.

We actually admitted over 11,000 refugees in FY2020, this calculation is for calendar year 2020. See the data at the end of this post.  https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2021/01/22/yippee-bidens-cultural-enrichers-are-on-the-way/

Where is Ms. Trigg’s thank you to Donald Trump?


America Lasters!

***For New Readers these are the nine federal refugee contractors who have worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people and are putting Americans last!


Endnote: See Frauds and Crooks today as Twitter has now basically shut me down.

Myth of South Africa as Beacon of Hope for African Migrants Eroded Further Yesterday

I reported here just a few days ago that hundreds of Africans were camped in front of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Pretoria demanding to be resettled in the West after experiencing xenophobic hatred from black South Africans.

Additionally, I reminded US readers that we are taking some of those migrants to America as ‘refugees.’

They went to the mythical Rainbow Nation because they believed the international propaganda that the socialist government there welcomed one and all.

It doesn’t!

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa leads the party of Nelson Mandela and unleashed police on the foreigners who came to S. Africa believing it was a beacon of hope for them.

Media worldwide has been reluctant to tell the truth about post-Apartheid South Africa because they have built up for 25 years the false image of the governing black party, the African National Congress, as a model for the world!

I see this morning that worldwide media is now paying attention after South African police blasted water cannons and began arresting the protesters of many African nationalities outside of UN offices.

Apparently the UN was impotent to stop the violence.

Here is AP (one of many stories about the violence against ‘refugee’ wannabees):

South African police arrest 100 after refugees protest

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Police in the South African city of Cape Town used water cannons Wednesday while arresting and dispersing hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers, including children, who had camped for weeks outside the U.N. refugee agency’s office seeking protection after anti-immigrant attacks.

Local human rights and legal groups expressed shock over images of small children clinging to people being dragged away by police. Some people screamed in protest as officers with riot shields and batons moved through the crowd.

Police said they arrested about 100 people who “failed to heed the call to disperse.” Many who weren’t arrested fled to a nearby church.

Some refugees and asylum-seekers had told local media they wanted to be relocated outside the country after a wave of deadly attacks on foreigners in South African cities earlier this year. Such attacks have erupted several times over the years in sub-Saharan Africa’s most developed economy.

They can’t call it racism because both sides are black, so xenophobia best describes the rampant discrimination.

Earlier this year more than 12 people were killed and over 700 arrested after bands of South Africans in Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria, launched attacks against foreign-owned shops and stalls, looting and burning them and attacking some shopkeepers.


Ramaphosa’s government has faced criticism for not explicitly speaking out against xenophobia at first but instead framing the violence as crime.


Ramaphosa, who later called the xenophobia “regrettable,” has acknowledged frustrations about South Africa’s high unemployment — now 29%, the highest in more than a decade — and its sluggish economy, but he has told his countrymen not to take it out on foreigners.

Much more here.

I repeat!  Pay attention! In recent years, including in 2019, we have admitted as refugees to the US some of the Africans who traveled to S. Africa from elsewhere in Africa!

We should consider giving refugee status to white South Africans.

However, most of those demonstrating at the UN office are not legitimate refugees, but are economic migrants—they are South Africa’s problem, not ours!

UN Facing Crisis in South Africa as Black-on-Black Xenophobia Growing Out of Control

They want out of the Rainbow Nation! According to the UN, 268,000 African ‘refugees’ have flowed into the country from elsewhere in Africa presumably believing the propaganda that the new post-Apartheid South Africa held out a beacon of welcome to one and all.

They want out of the Rainbow Nation because they claim that the black majority that runs the country is discriminating against them.

The expanding crisis for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees now includes a major protest where hundreds are camped outside their offices in Pretoria and have been there for weeks.

Before I tell you the latest, know that the US State Department has been taking some of the supposed ‘refugees’ to live in Anytown, USA. Therefore, this story should matter to you!

From The Independent:


‘Our blood does not want to be spilled in the land of SA,’ say refugees camped outside UNHCR

For two weeks, the walkway of the Waldorf Arcade has housed rows of makeshift bedding, screaming children and exhausted refugees begging the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to remove them from SA.

South African whites are not the aggressors!  This is tribalism straight up!

“They are killing us, burning us alive, looting our shops,” said Eke Lyke Chibuzor, a refugee from Nigeria, who has been in SA for the past six years. “Sometimes I feel like I’m a slave in this country. Our blood does not want to be spilled in the land of SA.”


“Some people have asked what’s going on, but they did not send anybody to ask us if we still need documentation and those things,” said Sylvie Nahimana, a refugee from Burundi.

She has lived in SA for 21 years.

“All those things we have been asking them for almost 11 or 12 years … We don’t want those things any more. What we need is just to be out of this country, because we don’t feel safe [here].”

She said it’s too late for negotiations. “We are not moving an inch,” said Nahimana. “We want them to come up with a solution. We want out of SA.”


On October 14, the UNHCR released a second statement citing a two-day visit from the UN Refugee Agency High Commissioner Filippo Grandi. He met with representatives of refugees and asylum seekers and “listened to their concerns, mainly linked to better access to documentation and information, the process to obtain refugee papers, as well as issues of personal security”.

The statement noted that Grandi “told [the refugees] that UNHCR will continue to develop its dialogue with them…”.

Going against the media meme that those who have been oppressed won’t become oppressors—that black people can’t be oppressors!  Is that why so few US media outlets ever mention what is happening in SA?

Francine Kinavuidi, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has lived in SA for 15 years. She still receives xenophobic threats from co-workers.


“I say, ‘I’m black like you, I’m your sister’, and they say: ‘Don’t say you are black like me.’ I say, ‘You have red blood just like me’, and they say, ‘Who told you I have red blood like you?’”


The UNHCR released a third statement on October 16, saying “Grandi commended SA’s commitment to protecting people fleeing countries affected by conflict, violence and persecution” and “noted that resettlement to third countries is a very limited option for refugees worldwide, as the number of resettlement places available globally is unfortunately dropping.

For most refugees here in SA resettlement is not an option.”

More here.

However, over the years some have been moved from the Rainbow Nation to the US.

Although the number is small, even in this last fiscal year, during the Trump Administration! we admitted 64 supposed refugees from SA.

South Africa post-Apartheid was billed as a progressive welcoming country when black South Africans took the reins of government, so there is no reason the US should have to take one single refugee from this supposed African dream country!

Here is one page from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center database showing the number of ‘refugees’ we took into America from hundreds of countries around the world. These are called “Processing Countries.”  Those arriving from these locations are not nationals of the country, they are just being processed in from that location.

(There is another page. I screen shot only this one.)


See my complete South Africa archive.  The black-on-black xenophobia has been going on for at least a decade.

And, see that our old pals at Church World Service are the primary UN/US State Department vehicle for Africans being placed in the US.

Ho hum! Rainbow Nation Myth Implodes! More Xenophobic Attacks by South African Blacks

One of the reasons I am glad to be back with a functioning Refugee Resettlement Watch blog is that I can continue to post on some subjects that have long interested me and this is one:

Michelle Obama fawned over Nelson Mandela (the father of the Rainbow Nation) in 2011. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also famously praised the nation of South Africa and its Socialist constitution.

South Africa, the “Rainbow Nation,” so celebrated by communists and the international Left, has been busy demonstrating the tribal nature of black South Africans—heck, they don’t like the whites in S. Africa, but they hate other Africans too!

(See dozens of previous posts on South Africa here.)

You can’t call it racism as South African blacks attack black African foreigners, so the word ‘xenophobia’ fits the bill!

The reports are so numerous this week that I couldn’t pick one to snip.

Black on Black violence erupts again in South Africa!

Here are some headlines:

From CNN:

Xenophobia has reared its ugly head again in the Rainbow Nation. African nations have had enough

From the New York Times:

South African Riots Over ‘Xenophobia’ Prompt Backlash Across

From Time magazine:

What the Xenophobic Violence Gripping South Africa Means for Future of Country


Just so you know, we are taking some of those ‘foreigners’ (the ones that South African blacks hate) as refugees to America!

Do you remember a year or so ago when there was much talk from the White House that we might take some South African white farmers (some have been attacked and killed by the blacks who want their farmland).

I checked the data just now and see that in the first ten months of this fiscal year we admitted 46 ‘refugees’ from South Africa.  When I checked another data base at the Refugee Processing Center I learned that we took ZERO South Africans.  Therefore those 46 had to be other migrants originally from other African countries that were being persecuted by black South Africans.

Bottomline, white South Africans in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ are not being protected by the UN and the US Refugee Admissions Program while black Africans are!

South Africa’s xenophobia is thus creating more refugees for taxpaying Americans to support!

We are still taking ‘refugees’ from safe countries

Every so often I check out the Processing Country data at the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) maintained by the US State Department.


More frequently I report to you about the nationalities entering the US, but processing country data is very different.

From processing country data, we learn in which countries supposed ‘refugees’ are processed in to the US, but we don’t learn where they came from before they arrived in that country.

I first became aware of this about ten years ago when I noticed that illegal aliens, who arrived by boat at the tiny island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean, were being sent to the US as refugees. (See my explanation of refugees vs. asylum here yesterday.)

What!!!  Malta is a safe country in the EU, anyone arriving there claiming to be a refugee by seeking asylum must apply there, not be packed off to the US.

I have a huge file on Malta where this legally questionable movement of mostly Africans to your towns was put in place during the administration of George W. Bush and continues through today.

We are doing the same with Israel and South Africa where migrants get in to those countries from elsewhere (seeking asylum) and we help those governments out by taking some of their excess off their hands.

Heck, we have our own problem on our southern border where illegal aliens cross by the tens of thousands and then ask for asylum.

Are we going to ask Malta, South Africa and Israel to take a few of our excess asylum seekers?  (Don’t laugh!)

Here (below) is the end of the fiscal year data table for Processing Country.  I’m posting this now because it will disappear by the beginning of November.

Again, just so you know we are not taking Maltese people, South Africans or Israelis to America, the numbers represented here are people from elsewhere who got in to those three countries and are unwanted by those three countries.


Screenshot (1487)_LI

Screenshot (1488)_LI


Notice the numbers for Papua New Guinea and Nauru.  Those are the Australian rejected asylum seekers we are taking off Australia’s hands in the same possibly illegal manner.

There are probably other questionable processing countries above, but the three I have highlighted are countries which I have followed closely over the years.

The Trump Administration could stop this possibly illegal use of the refugee admissions process in a heartbeat if they wanted to!  Congress would not have to be involved!

If you haven’t noticed, I have a link in the right hand corner of RRW for the White House contact information.  Please take time to express your opinion to the President.