Ho hum! Rainbow Nation Myth Implodes! More Xenophobic Attacks by South African Blacks

One of the reasons I am glad to be back with a functioning Refugee Resettlement Watch blog is that I can continue to post on some subjects that have long interested me and this is one:

Michelle Obama fawned over Nelson Mandela (the father of the Rainbow Nation) in 2011. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also famously praised the nation of South Africa and its Socialist constitution.

South Africa, the “Rainbow Nation,” so celebrated by communists and the international Left, has been busy demonstrating the tribal nature of black South Africans—heck, they don’t like the whites in S. Africa, but they hate other Africans too!

(See dozens of previous posts on South Africa here.)

You can’t call it racism as South African blacks attack black African foreigners, so the word ‘xenophobia’ fits the bill!

The reports are so numerous this week that I couldn’t pick one to snip.

Black on Black violence erupts again in South Africa!

Here are some headlines:

From CNN:

Xenophobia has reared its ugly head again in the Rainbow Nation. African nations have had enough

From the New York Times:

South African Riots Over ‘Xenophobia’ Prompt Backlash Across

From Time magazine:

What the Xenophobic Violence Gripping South Africa Means for Future of Country


Just so you know, we are taking some of those ‘foreigners’ (the ones that South African blacks hate) as refugees to America!

Do you remember a year or so ago when there was much talk from the White House that we might take some South African white farmers (some have been attacked and killed by the blacks who want their farmland).

I checked the data just now and see that in the first ten months of this fiscal year we admitted 46 ‘refugees’ from South Africa.  When I checked another data base at the Refugee Processing Center I learned that we took ZERO South Africans.  Therefore those 46 had to be other migrants originally from other African countries that were being persecuted by black South Africans.

Bottomline, white South Africans in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ are not being protected by the UN and the US Refugee Admissions Program while black Africans are!

South Africa’s xenophobia is thus creating more refugees for taxpaying Americans to support!

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