Yippee! Biden’s ‘Cultural Enrichers’ are on the way!

Somalis will soon be on the way to America as Biden lifts Trump’s travel ban! They will need jobs, housing, medical care, food— all to be supplied by you—the American taxpayer.


My alerts have been filled to overflowing with the good news Open Borders advocates have been waiting for.

The dark days are over, the sun is shining, Joe has been installed, the borders will open and soon the masses who will “enrich the fabric” and “enhance the American mosaic” in your (racist) towns and cities will be on the way.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue. https://www.uschamber.com/press-release/us-chamber-ceo-encouraged-bidens-plans-immigration-reform

Trump’s efforts to keep us safe, keep Americans in their jobs and prevent more cases of the costly Chinese virus entering the US are out the window.

And, move over American workers the Chamber of Commerce is jumping for joy as an influx of New Americans want your jobs!

They will work for less, complain less, and vote for socialist Democrats!

From Breitbart:

U.S. Chamber to Joe Biden: You Can Help Americans by Importing Foreign Workers

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says its corporate members can create jobs for Americans if President Joe Biden’s amnesty and migration bill provides them with “the world’s most talented and industrious people.”

The chamber made the January 20 press statement as it applauded Biden’s draft “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” that would dramatically accelerate the inflow of foreign workers into Americans’ blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

If you are still living back in the day when big business supported Republicans, wake up.

The party of corporate CEOs is the Democrat party!

In the 2020 election, the U.S. Chamber backed numerous Democratic candidates, largely because the Democrats promised to inflate the labor supply with cheap foreign workers.

More at Breitbart.

Now here is Time magazine heavily quoting from Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour.

Activists Praise Biden’s Reversal of Trump-Era ‘Discriminatory’ Travel Ban. But the Work Isn’t Over Yet

It isn’t enough to lift the ban, they want a law banning any future bans.

Even after Biden’s reversal, advocacy groups are continuing to push for congressional action to ensure no future president can revive the ban.

The most recent version of Trump’s ban included more countries than the original, and drew scrutiny for its inclusion of six African countries, leading critics to call it the “Muslim and African ban.” It placed varying degrees of restrictions on U.S. visas for citizens from a large group of countries, including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania.

More than 42,000 people have been unable to enter the U.S. because of the travel restrictions since 2017, according to the Brennan Center for Justice’s analysis of state department data.


Linda Sarsour initially opposed Biden during the primary, she spoke publicly about his dementia, but Biden managed to cozy up since then. https://www.conservative-politics.com/conservative-culture/biden-camp-privately-cozies-up-to-muslim-activists-after-disavowal-of-linda-sarsour/

“The executive order is just the first step,” she [Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist and executive director of MPower Change, a Muslim grassroots movement] says. “It’s the intention to make a wrong right. But there’s also work that comes with that.”

In order to ensure no president has the power to enact such sweeping restrictions again, they are continuing to pressure Congress to pass the No Ban Act.

The law would limit executive authority to prevent any future presidents from issuing similar bans. Such restrictions would only be allowed to apply to cases in which the Secretary of State has identified particular circumstances and credible facts that justify exclusion.

The bill passed the House last July but then stalled in the Senate. With Democrats recently taking control of both chambers, the measure is more likely to be successful.

The No Ban Act is part of a sweeping immigration bill—which Biden sent to Congress Wednesday—that also includes creating pathways to citizenship for undocumented people, cracking down on family separation and providing new funding intended to help immigrants and refugees integrate into the U.S.


“The rescinding of the Muslim ban is temporary and it’s based on the philosophy, the ideology of the current president,” Sarsour says. “We need the No Ban Act because we need this to be on the record forever because we do not know what’s going to happen in 2024 or 2028.”

More here.

And, here is one more, writer Joshua Cohen at a Jesuit publication manages to work in all the usual platitudes on the subject of refugees.

But, my main reason for posting this (besides laughing at his jargon-filled piece)  is that he flat out lies and no one but me will call him on it. His lie is featured in a pull quote:

What the hell!  Can’t these ‘journalists’ do some research?  I showed you two days ago the refugee admissions numbers at a State Department data base going back to 1975. (While you are there, look at St. Obama’s numbers that never reached 100,000, while Biden has promised 125,000!).

In 2020, 11,814 refugees were admitted and that doesn’t include the scores of other special refugees from Afghanistan.

But, why muddy-up a good piece of propaganda with the facts!


From America The Jesuit Review:

After four years of Trump, it’s time to reset the U.S. refugee policy

LOL!  Look at this one section of Cohen’s piece:

Refugee resettlement in the United States should not be a conservative or liberal issue. At its core, it is a humanitarian issue, and one that reflects our aspirations to be a compassionate and generous people. Most Americans have immigrant roots, and many can trace their family histories to include refugees. These refugees have built new lives here and enriched the fabric of their communities. In recent years, they have included Bosnian and Somali refugees who have further enhanced the American mosaic.

As an affluent nation, the United States has a moral duty to assist people in desperate situations. Closing doors to those who have suffered unthinkable horrors demonstrates fear and weakness. 

You are immoral, lacking in compassion, stingy, fearful and weak because you don’t want to change America by changing the people, says Cohen.

8 thoughts on “Yippee! Biden’s ‘Cultural Enrichers’ are on the way!

  1. “As an affluent nation, the United States has a moral duty to assist people in desperate situations.”

    The USA is in the worst depression since the Great Depression, so this just doesn’t apply anymore. Tax free religious groups and NGOs are in no position to lecture us. They are not paying for the benefits given to migrants, and their schools and communities are not being asked to take in refugees. If the State Department told the Catholic Church that they had to educate hundreds of refugees in their schools and house them in their churches, convents, and monasteries, they would object and site freedom of religion. Why doesn’t the secular community have the right to say “No” to having what it built taken from them?

      1. Ann, it may be time for you to publish some of the fraud articles that you printed over the years at our RWW. Post them fresh so that new readers don’t have to search through the archives. Your new readers need to know how fraud fraught the refugee resettlement program is. Social Security fraud, Medicaid fraud, refugee cash fraud, food stamp fraud, etc. If Catholic resettlement agencies are resettling Somalis, they need to make them go to Catholic schools and learn the basic tenets of Christianity. If Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society resettles they need to do the same thing. Judeo Christian doctrines, tenets, and worldview; the Ten Commandments. Of course, we all know we are “are preaching to the choir” and it’ll never happen!

        1. That is a good idea. I can go back and find some of the fraud articles. I must say it is frustrating to have to start all over educating people about the mess that is the US Refugee Admissions Program. Most people still assume these good ‘religious’ groups are using their own private charity to help the poor souls. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    1. How does one reply to this type of question? I am 83 years of age. I came to America when I was 19; I married; I raised 5 children; I am married 64 years to a man with dementia. These people you speak of – stay home and make your country better – fight if you have to – remove the tyrants from their thrones! What do we do with the homeless in America? We turn deaf ear to them and a blind eye because it is not a pretty picture. Yet, you heap guilt on us to take in yours that won’t sacrifice in their own country to make it better. Shame on you! America First! Clean up your own backyard before bringing in the dirt from another’s. The Catholic Church is the one Church who does administer tot he poor gladly and saintly, but how do you repay it – through ridicule. Down with ABORTION to those of you who think 60M+ is the easy way out and YOU
      HAVE WON…NO…you have not but you have brought upon a noble country a scourge to be dealt with…AND IT WILL! Stay home Somalis, work to make your country better.

    1. Yes, I have seen it. It is excellent. For years I kept it posted on the header of RRW, but maybe it is time to highlight it again!

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