Europe is in deep trouble, will America follow or stand alone?

I don’t think anyone who has followed recent events in Europe regarding the expansion of Islam would disagree that Europe has a likely tragedy of historic proportions on its horizon.  The crux of the coming nightmare is that for decades European nations have fallen for that old saw that importing cheap labor will save them […]

TB and nomads, alcohol and Muslims

Just a couple of thoughts about the report in the Emporia newspaper on the November 28 meeting. First, on the nomadic nature of Somalis: “So far as fixing a hard number, it really is impossible to do that right now,” Kimsey said. “The 500 that are here today are not the same 500 that were here […]

Emporia, KS lets off steam

Reports range from 200-400 people crowded into a meeting room in Emporia, KS to hear officials explain to the the public how Emporia was to become (maybe?) a resettlement site for Somali refugees apparently being enticed to this heartland city by employment at Tyson’s Food.   Read today’s lengthy account of the meeting in the Emporia Gazette.   […]

Sources for State information on Refugee programs

Thanks to the sleuthing of citizens of Emporia, KS,  we are learning more things we didn’t know that should help others of you trying to understand this complicated Federal program called Refugee Resettlement.   We have maintained all along that this program is becoming increasingly contentious because local citizens are not fully briefed about the Federal […]

Will answers be forthcoming in Emporia, KS tomorrow?

Update November 29th:  As soon as we get the paper from Emporia we will let you know details of the standing room only meeting last night.  The citizens of Emporia, Kansas have been asking questions for weeks and hope that tomorrow evening’s meeting and a Thursday meeting with their Congressman will bring some much-needed answers as […]

Hot off the presses from Emporia, KS

I know, I know we haven’t renamed RRW the Emporia Refugee Watch (yet!), but there is so much interesting news being made there we can’t stay away.   Here is the latest from the Emporia Gazette today.   Since this article is chock full of information, I’m going to focus on a couple of points we need to […]

Refugee working at Tyson Foods died of TB

In light of the previous post, Somalis arrive in Emporia with tuberculosis, an article from last January in the Emporia Gazette is relevant. In Tyson worker had TB, reporter Bobbi Mlynar writes: A coroner’s report says that an active case of tuberculosis was a factor in the death of a Tyson worker on Jan. 4 […]

Somalis arrive in Emporia with tuberculosis

That’s the headline on an article today in the Topeka Capital-Journal. It begins: EMPORIA — When hundreds of Somali refugees began showing up to work at the meatpacking plant, nurses Lori Torres and Renee Hively were among the first to get to know the exotic, new arrivals. —————————– “We got notified a day in advance […]

Burundian Hutus settling in Chattanooga, TN

The first handful of  African Hutus celebrated Thanksgiving in Chattanooga,  TN a few days ago according to a report in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.    This is one of those template stories about how everything is going great with refugees in their new home town.    Did you know we were bringing 10,000 Burundian refugees from […]

Somali former refugee charged in scam, imam skipped country

 Correction!   I am so sorry to have misread this story earlier, it is not the Somali charged in this government case who slipped out of the US, it’s the imam hired by Hassan (the Somali) who skipped town when the heat was turned up.  This is a story that has everything from taxpayer rip-offs to terrorism.  […]