New Report: Immigrant unemployment at record high

We knew this anecdotally, but now comes a report out today from the Center for Immigration Studies to confirm it. WASHINGTON (April 30, 2009) – A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies finds that immigrants have been harder hit by the recession than natives. Unemployment among immigrants (legal and illegal) was higher in […]

Weird Iraqi refugee story in LA Times

I’m just going to let you go read this at the LA Times.  Frankly, it makes no sense.  This American woman, a reporter, falls for an Iraqi man while on assignment in Iraq.  They ultimately marry.    He then applies for refugee status (I think through the Special Immigrant Visa Program) because he worked for Americans.   […]

Iraqi refugees in Atlanta voice their unhappiness to IRC’s CEO

Your tax dollars: I must say even I am getting tired of one article after another about Iraqi refugees struggling to find their way in Any City, USA.  Maybe you are too, but I think you will enjoy this aspect of the same old story.  The basic story we have reported more than 20 times […]

Comment worth noting: I am just not sure why your site is so anti-refugee

We had a good comment overnight from a reader named Ralph Parker from Atlanta.   I say good, because although he criticizes us, he says lots of things that give us an opportunity to explain again why we are here.  We have done that on previous occasions, but unless someone is a regular reader, one wouldn’t […]

Advocacy group says U.S. is failing to expedite Iraqi refugees who helped U.S.

A press release from Human Rights First states: Only 4,200 Iraqis with U.S. ties have made it to the United States since 2003, though at least 20,000 have applied, and the number of U.S.-affiliated Iraqis may be as high as 146,000, according to a new report issued today by a leading human rights group. The […]

Portland, Maine: Sudanese refugee pulls out gun and is killed by police

Another Sudanese refugee has been killed, this time by police, in Portland, ME.  From AP in the Sun Journal: PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Police officials met with members of the city’s Sudanese community to try to calm fears after police officers shot and killed an armed 26-year-old Sudanese man, the second violent death of a […]

Somalis, the terrorist threat, and Hillary Clinton

A useful article came into my inbox yesterday from the Northern Virginia/Richmond/DC Metro chapter of ACT! for America, giving the background of our country’s relationship with Somalia and the threat to America from Somalis. I’m going to quote extensively from this piece by Ruth King — Somalia: Why Isn’t Secretary Clinton Connecting the Dots? — but I […]

Happy to be here, a Bhutanese family is resettled in Oakland, CA

This is the third in the troika of posts I mentioned yesterday about Bhutanese refugees arriving in the US (the first two are here and here).  This family has been resettled in “welcoming” Oakland, CA where we reported  just a couple of days ago that there has been an uptick in crime effecting refugees and immigrants. […]