Somali gangs on the move across Canada, guns coming from the US

This is a story mostly about Somali drug gangs in Canada (focusing on Edmonton where there have been many Somalis murdered in recent years), but there is some interesting information about the US as well,   Did you know that there is a Lewiston, Ohio and Somalis are moving there? From the Vancouver Sun: EDMONTON […]

Uzbek “student” arrested in Alabama for threatening to kill Obama

Update August 14th:  Uzbek “student” pleads not guilty, here. Once again, I’m behind in posting.  This story is now a few days old.   How many of you heard it on the national news?  I didn’t.  Every day we’ve heard about the US Army Muslim who went AWOL and planned a reenactment of the Fort Hood […]

Norway update: Not your ordinary kid’s summer camp

More here, you might say what goes around comes around. Seems in between swimming and other summer games, the “kids” at the camp in Norway were working on some Palestinian projects—even having fun in boats reenacting the Gaza Flotilla.   Debbie Schlussel sums it all up in Karma #1 and Karma #2.

Fewer refugees will come to the US this year because of security concerns

We’ve reported this on several previous occasions, but here we have Eric Schwartz, Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration telling us so again in what I guess is his swan song report to the “stakeholders” who depend on refugee funding for their livelihoods.  He says the flow of refugees into the US  […]

UN delegation will lobby Congress next week on refugees (will bring refugees as props)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as part of its 6oth anniversary celebration, will bring a Refugee delegation (Refugee Congress they call it) to visit the US Congress next week to make sure they get the message that refugee resettlement is a good thing (because they are getting lots of messages that we can’t […]

Lewiston mayor testifies in Senate: Everything is going great with Somali “energy” in Lewiston…..

…..the town benefits culturally and economically, BUT we need more federal money!   From the Morning Sentinel: WASHINGTON – Lewiston’s experience with an influx of Somali immigrants shows the economic energy they can bring, but also the need for the federal government to do more to help the new residents settle into their new life, says […]

Norway terror attack used to distract King hearing on Somali radicalization

If you want to learn more about what happened surrounding Rep. Peter King’s hearing this week on the recruitment of US and Canadian Somali refugees by the Islamic terror group Al Shabaab, I encourage you to google around—there are tons of reports and commentary.  I’m too weary of the subject to pull it all together […]

Rohingya refugees being resettled in New Hampshire

I was interested in this story—Nashua, NH fretting about whether it would get more refugees if Manchester gets a moratorium—anyway.  But, then I note that we are quietly resettling Rohingya refugees in New Hampshire. For years I followed the story of Rohingya Muslim refugees leaving Burma and it interested me because for years the US […]

Furor over Australia/Malaysia immigrant swap

Australia will take 4000 processed ‘legitimate’ refugees and in exchange Malaysia will take 800 boat people.  The theory is to discourage all those asylum seekers from getting in boats and heading for Australia.  Human Rights Watch objects calling Malaysia a “dumping ground.” From Aljazeera (be sure to see the photo of demonstrators in Malaysia): Australia […]