North African refugees on NATO ship turned away by both Italy and Malta

Update July 18th:  “Refugees” European goal thwarted as they are sent to camps in Tunisia, hat tip Charles.

Malta dug in its heels and refused the warship entry, insisting the rescue had taken place closer to the other countries and that they should therefore have been transferred there.

Just so readers don’t forget that thousands of North Africans are (still) attempting to escape the joyous Arab Spring (Summer etc. etc) and get the heck to civilization in Europe, here is a short story about both Italy and Malta turning away a NATO ship which rescued just over 100 “refugees” from Obama’s Libyan war.

Over 100 African refugees from Libya rescued in the Mediterranean by a Spanish NATO ship four days ago have been refused shelter by Italy and Malta and are stranded at sea, officials said on Friday.

The ship was taking part in the naval blockade on Libya when it came across a battered boat crammed with “around 105 immigrants from North Africa,” said David Taylor, spokesman for NATO’s Allied Maritime Command in Naples.

Italian news agency ANSA identified the boat as Spain’s “Almirante Juan de Borbon” and said it had intercepted the fishing boat with 17 women — four of them pregnant — and eight children on board about 100 miles off Libya.

Italy has said its centres are already stretched by other refugees fleeing the conflict in Libya and does not have space for new arrivals, while Malta has said the Almirante is too far away and therefore not its responsibility, the report said.

Malta’s Interior Minister Carmelo Mifsud Monnici called on NATO Thursday to resolve the issue after the Almirante brought its human cargo towards Valletta only to be refused permission to enter Maltese waters.


He said the refugee boat had been intercepted 141 miles off Malta.

“The problem is certainly NATO’s not ours, and it’s up to them to resolve it,” he said.

Hey, here is an idea, maybe they can just send them to South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, with its “welcoming” Constitution which will guarantee them all their rights whether legally or illegally in the country.

Some hope for Canada as Muslim leader seems to ‘get it’ about multiculturalism?

Just a little while ago, reader K. aka Kell sent this news from Canada.  I got all excited and thought, oh good, things will turn around if a Pakistani immigrant to Canada, a Muslim leader, dares to say things like this in response to Muslims demands for Muslim children to be excused from public school gym class and music class for religious reasons.  (Remember we learned here just a couple of days ago that Muslim prayers, sans menstruating girls, are permitted in Canadian public schools already.)

Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, says he has some better ideas.

“I’d tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don’t like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law,” said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Read the whole article.

And, as I said, I got excited for a minute that there might be some hope when along came reader PorkchopsforIslam with a dose of reality.

I would like to ask the Pakistani immigrant opinion on what Canada can do about its muslim immigrants now that
they are inside Canada? It seems that there is slight change in Canadian awareness about the implications of MultiCulturalism.

It seems that Canada has second thoughts. GUESS WHAT??? IT’S TOO LATE.  Like a virus once it gains admittance to the body nothing can be done. Can Canada ban the reading of the Koran that commands Muslims to obey Sharia?

Can Canada ever build a big enough security system to monitor its exploding muslim population..tracking down every appearance of Jihadist sentiment? Can it afford that? Can it afford to do it for the next thousand years as it tries to keep Muslims from reading and doing what their religion says?

So Canada traded its security, its sanity, its identity, its culture, its future…FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT?  What could possibly compensate Canada for what it has to go through now. All the West every had to do was say…NO!. Now all the West CAN DO is beg, hope and pray.

Nice trade off eh?

The fact that there are a few nice muslims in the mix? What is “nice” today will turn out quite differently tomorrow.
We have seen this over and over. A “nice muslim” is found with bomb materials, or supporting jihad..and everyone
is “shocked”. A “nice muslim” wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, loses his job, or is insulted, or becomes
religious..and VOILA..the whole cycle begins again.

There is only one answer and that is polite and complete repatriation.

A nice cash settlement to GO HOME and stay there. Now lets all go turn on the TV and read about today’s
Islamic terror activity…

As I said, dose of reality.

ANC official told to apologize over xenophobic remarks

Here is a story from South Africa you didn’t hear in the Western media.  Why? because it continues to destroy the myth of South Africa as the RAINBOW NATION and the multiculturalists (aka communists) don’t want you to know their little African experiment is failing.

On many previous occasions we have reported on the so-called “xenophobic” riots in which immigrants to South Africa were beaten and some killed by black South Africans basically trying to protect their livelihoods and families from the huge influx of other Africans flowing into “welcoming” South Africa.  [Of course those same South African blacks are terrorizing and sometimes killing the whites too, but that isn’t my focus this morning.]   By the way, one man’s xenophobia is another man’s ethnic nationalism or tribalism (aren’t we all tribal?).

Back to my story….

An important member of the Leftwing ruling party, the African National Congress, Maggie Maunye, asked basically, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH ALL THESE AFRICANS COMING IN HERE?  She was forced to apologize but in the process we get a glimpse into a nation that foolishly enshrined in its Constitution that anyone was welcome and all rights (except voting) would be extended to anyone who manages to get into its borders.

From Sowetan Live  (obviously this author is pretty ticked-off that Maggie Maunye would, through her politically incorrect words, demonstrate to the world that the old rainbow is imploding):

SOUTH Africa is known throughout the world as the rainbow nation.

This is so not only because of the colourful variety of people, cultures, religions and customs indigenous to South Africa alone, but also because of the openness with which we have welcomed many other foreign nationals, especially from other African countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and even as far away as Nigeria, the Congo and Somalia.

Since South Africa’s transition to full democracy in 1994, there has been a very large influx of especially African foreign nationals into the country, some of whom are seeking refuge from conflict, tyranny and-or persecution in their own countries.

Most, however, are simply trying to build a better life for themselves in Africa’s economic powerhouse. The presence of foreign refugees has, however, become a matter of national concern – particularly in the wake of recurrent xenophobic attacks.

The offending Maggie Maunye (see photo and credentials)

The critical comments on refuges that were recently made by ANC MP Maggie Maunye, chairperson of the Parliamentary portfolio committee of domestic affairs, require further analysis, even though she and the ANC have since apologised.

Maunye’s comments came just a day after two Somali men were brutally murdered in Delft on the Cape Flats, though the South African Police Service has stated officially that the motive for the crime is unknown.

Maunye, after visiting a refugee centre in Maitland, said she wondered “if there was anyone left in Somalia” and that she wondered “for how long is South Africa going to continue tolerating this influx of people”.

She continued: “In Spain one sees on television how they send refugees back and here we are told of human rights and laws … all types of excuses. Here we have people living in poverty, people who are unemployed. We have never enjoyed our freedom as South Africans”.  [And it just isn’t fair—Mandela and the Leftists promised us a better life than when the whites ran the country!—ed]

Such statements can have an incendiary effect in the current climate of high unemployment and service delivery failure that pervades many communities.

Constitution says immigrants (legal or illegal) have rights! So suck it up Maggie!

Our courts have been very consistent in the view that the benefit of the so-called “universal rights” may be claimed by anyone within our national territory, irrespective of whether they are here legally or illegally, temporarily or permanently. These include Sections 10, 11 and 12 of the Constitution which entrench the rights to human dignity, life and freedom and security of the person.

Maggie spoke the truth, now we can all watch as South Africa (the former economic powerhouse) dies and hope that enough people in the West watch its death-throws and learn the lesson!

Addendum:  It was only a few weeks ago that Michelle Obama traveled to the Rainbow Nation to pay homage to Nelson Mandela, here.