Burundian refugee boy drowns in the Mississippi River

Second such drowning in two years in Rock Island, IL.  In the earlier case the city and school district and others(?) are being sued.  Hat tip:  a reader.

From the Quad-City Times:

A 12-year-old Rock Island boy who was swimming with friends drowned in the Mississippi River on Monday afternoon near Rock Island’s Sunset Marina.


Josh Ngao of Fishers of Men Ministries in Davenport said the boy’s family, which includes four sisters, are immigrants from Burundi. He said they immigrated to Chicago four years ago before coming to the Quad-Cities two years ago. He said they live in Century Woods Apartments in Rock Island. He also declined to give the boy’s name until authorities released it.

Ngao, who translates for many of local African immigrants, said the boy was swimming with six other boys when he became caught in the current and was swept away. He said many in the local African community are used to swimming safely in the rivers and lakes of Africa and don’t realize the dangers of the Mississippi River.

“There should be an awareness for the families that come from other countries,” he said.

The boy’s death affected several hundred in the local African immigrant community, who gathered Monday night to pray, Ngao said.  [The Quad-Cities area of Illinois and Iowa is a huge resettlement site for the US State Department and its contractors—ed].

Who will be sued this time?  Whoever didn’t teach the Africans about the dangerous Mississippi River?

The boy is now the second African immigrant to drown in Rock Island in the past two years. On May 28, 2009, 6-year-old Grace Vah, a native of Liberia in West Africa, drowned during a school field trip to the Whitewater Junction swimming facility in Rock Island.

Both the boy and Vah were students from Frances Willard and residents of Century Woods.

In May, Vah’s family filed a lawsuit against the city, the Rock Island-Milan School District and other parties.

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Yale professor defends lying asylum-seeking maid in DSK case

…..you gotta give her a break for lying because rich people and the evil US mining companies exploit her country.  Oh brother!   This is what we are promoting at Yale these days?  Typical Leftwing defense….

Oh, and no mention here that DSK is a rich Far Left politician who has been all for bringing diversity to France (for cheap labor).

In defense of the lawbreaking hooker maid who only wants a better life in America, read ‘Before you judge, stand in her shoes’ in the NYT (hat tip: a friend from TN):

People fleeing state-sponsored violence and extreme poverty will do anything to leave. I receive requests every few weeks to write expert-witness affidavits for West African asylum claimants. As a personal matter of conscience, I will not write in support of an applicant whose testimony I believe contains inconsistencies. [that’s big of you!]

Yet asylum claimants are often asked to perform an impossible task. They must prove they have been subject to the most crushing forms of oppression and violence — for this, bodies bearing the scars of past torture are a boon — while demonstrating their potential to become hard-working and well-adjusted citizens.

This is where the lies and embellishments creep into some asylum seekers’ narratives. Immigrants share tips and hunches about ways to outwit the system, even as immigration judges try to discover the claimants’ latest ruses. But I can say from experience that for every undeserving claimant who receives asylum, several deserving ones are turned down. So few Africans gain access to green cards through legal channels that the United States government grants about 25,000 spots annually to Africans selected at random through the diversity visa lottery.

And, he even has the audacity to bring in that thoroughly insane and corrupt “diversity visa lottery” as if was a good thing!

Read it all!   And, thank the good professor for confirming that the immigrants share tips on how to scam the system.

Come to think of it, readers, did any of you know that Yale professors were writing letters in support of asylum seekers? Maybe Mr. Yale professor wrote an expert-witness affidavit for this hooker/maid?  By all accounts she was a fabulous liar and maybe she conned him too!