Three more grateful (to be American) African refugees arrested in Portland

…..Police keeping busy in Maine’s “welcoming”city thanks to Catholic Charities and refugee resettlement (see here just in the last few weeks).  Hat tip: Susan

From Portland Press Herald:

WESTBROOK — Police arrested three Portland men Friday night on charges of burglarizing cars in the parking lot at the Cinemagic movie theater.

Officers dressed in plain clothes were investigating a string of car burglaries at the theater when they saw three young men entering several vehicles around 9 p.m., according to a news release.

Police said the men appeared to be targeting unlocked cars.

They arrested Ayub A. Hersi, 19, Mohamed A. Ali, 18, and Munye A. Mohamed, 18, all of Portland.

All three were charged with burglarizing a motor vehicle and taken to Cumberland County Jail.

Hersi also was charged with resisting arrest and was still in custody today, a jail official said.

Ali and Mohamed each paid $210 cash bail and were released.

Police urged drivers to lock car doors and keep valuables out of view.

How’s that diversity working for you Portland?   That reminds me, I wonder what ever happened to that Portland non-profit that was going to travel around the country to teach other cities how to be more open and welcoming to their growing immigrant populations?  Remember that story!  They were planning to visit Frederick, MD and Manchester, NH among other places to teach those folks how to appreciate their multiculturalism—oh yes,  LOL!, the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence!  Guess they got too busy in Portland.