A reminder to commenters

We have a couple of comments lately that personally attack other commenters.  As I’ve said many times previously, I don’t care if you call me names.  Or, you can say stuff like American (liberals, rightwingers) stink or Muslims are fanatics or refugees want goodies or white Europeans are racists, or whatever.  But, I’m not posting any comments that are addressed to another person directly with a statement like “YOU are _____ (fill in with idiot, racist, xenophobe, hatemonger, etc.).”  That is usually the fallback position liberals (and occasionally others) use when shaming someone into silence hasn’t worked—they start the direct namecalling.

I may have from time to time missed some of those sorts of direct attacks, but I do try to catch them and because we have had a rash of those lately, I’m back on the warpath about it.

Oh, and we don’t talk about violence toward anyone.

If your comment hasn’t been posted and you wondered why, you might go back and re-write it with some changes.