Maine: Somali accused of rape says birthdate is wrong, he is only a minor mommy says

Here we go again!  Those lies on documents for entry to the US are increasingly exposed as defense attorneys try to get refugees off the hook when they commit major crimes. Here is the story from AP today: PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Somali refugee charged with rape says he should be tried as a […]

Head hunters prep refugees for job interviews in Nashville’s upscale Brentwood

Job recruiting firms helped Catholic Charities in Nashville recently to train refugees in how to find jobs, however, you have to wonder if Catholic Charities is putting the same effort into helping Americans find work. Catholic Charities is the federal government’s refugee contractor for Tennessee.   For new readers that means that the “religious” organization is […]

Shortage of goats and imams linked to rapid increase in US Muslim population

Forget the population studies, just check out the booming goat industry as a sign of how the US population is changing with increased Muslim immigration. Two stories came to my attention yesterday and you should find them instructive.  The first is about the booming goat farming industry—Muslim immigrants want to eat goats (but only if […]

State Department Refugee big-wig in Cleveland and Pittsburgh this week

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner in case any of you wanted to say a word or two to Anne Richard,* Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, as she makes some public relations trips to Cleveland and Pittsburgh.  It’s too late for Cleveland, but anyone in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow might want […]

NJ Senator Lautenberg once again pushes the definition of refugee/asylee

Refugees and asylum seekers are to leave the country where they have been personally persecuted and seek asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive, but gradually over time whole classes of people are scooped up as refugees before even leaving their homes. This is a case for which we have some sympathy […]

Losing our sons, and losing Nashville

Not just Nashville, but every American city where the seeds of Jihad have been planted. Our friend Susan Falknor has reviewed the powerful documentary film—Losing our Sons—recently featured on Gov. Mike Huckabee’s popular TV news and commentary program. Read Falknor’s whole review of the film at Blue Ridge Forum.  Here is the nub of the […]

Wall Street Journal finally gets around to the story about banks refusing to send money to Somalia

This issue has been around for months (we first reported the “crisis” last December, here), but I see it finally made the big time just last week when The Wall Street Journal reported the hot (not!) news here. Efforts by U.S. banks to avoid violating antiterrorism financing laws are crimping the ability of Somalis in […]

Criminals and terrorists wreaking havoc in refugee camps for Somalis in Kenya

The place is infested!   More on the campaign to get them to your towns and cities ASAP?  But wait!  Didn’t we hear just ten days ago that Mogadishu is safe? From Sabahi: UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman for Kenya Emmanuel Nyabera said security fears have greatly affected the provision of medical and food […]

European countries deporting Kurds

Why not?  The Kurdish region of Iraq is now safe.  I think this case shows clearly that getting into Europe, Australia, Canada or the US is really the goal and most so-called “asylum-seekers” are in truth economic migrants using turmoil at home as an excuse to move out. Maybe these countries have Kurdish gang problems […]

Burma’s famous democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi being pushed to speak up for Rohingya Muslims

Aung San Suu Kyi is so far refusing to join the cabal of human rights activists and the media pushing her to defend the Rohingya Muslims involved in the recent riots in Burma’s Rakhine Province.  Could it be that she knows that some among them are outside agitators and Islamic extremists and that some Buddhists […]