Head hunters prep refugees for job interviews in Nashville’s upscale Brentwood

Job recruiting firms helped Catholic Charities in Nashville recently to train refugees in how to find jobs, however, you have to wonder if Catholic Charities is putting the same effort into helping Americans find work.

Catholic Charities is the federal government’s refugee contractor for Tennessee.   For new readers that means that the “religious” organization is paid by the taxpayer for its work in resettling refugees to Nashville.

As a result of Catholic Charities diligence, Nashville’s refugee population is growing exponentially and the city has become known as the Kurdish capital of the US. With that distinction has come increased crime from Kurdish criminal gangs.  Nashville also recently made the news by being the primary location for the shocking documentary, Losing our Sons, about the growth of Islamist recruitment in America.  And, by the way, how is that big Somali sex trafficking case in Nashville doing?

But, never mind all that — we gotta get those refugees jobs!

Look at the bright side (even if Americans don’t have jobs)—-if Catholic Charities gets refugees jobs some may have less time for gang violence, Jihad or sex!

From The Tennessean:

BRENTWOOD — The Search Firm in Brentwood was among several Nashville-area business leaders that conducted mock job interviews earlier this month with clients from Catholic Charities of Tennessee’s Refugee Services program.

Most of the mock interviewers are members of the Catholic Business League, an organization providing networking and community service opportunities for its members.


The initial mock interviews were conducted at the Refugee Services offices on the Holy Name Church campus in East Nashville. Refugee Services anticipates continuing to periodically conduct mock interviews for its refugee clients.

New readers, we have a whole category on Nashville, here.

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