Lewiston, ME, not exactly singing Kumbaya yet

Update 1/7/08:  See my post today on this here

When we had our public meeting in Hagerstown, MD back in September we were surprised that a young woman from Lewiston, ME just happened to be in the audience to report that everything was just going swimmingly in Lewiston after a few rough patches with the Somali refugee influx there.   An incident reported yesterday indicates she might have jumped the gun with that assessment. 

A poster of a lost dog named Mohammad was posted near a Somali owned store.   See the news coverage here.  (Hat tip:  Eric)    All people of good will condemn such an act.  But, it further demonstrates that communities are increasingly stressed by large numbers of immigrants of any race or religion, legal or illegal, flooding into small cities in rural areas at a rate faster than any community can absorb.   I think we need a breather and suggest the solution is a moratorium on all immigration.  For immigrants already here, there needs to be less focus on their rights and more on their responsibility to learn how to live as Americans. 

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