Walkersville, MD: Muslim compound update

 Update 2/6/08:   I went out to Walkersville last evening, will have more later but in the meantime here is the Frederick News Post on the meeting last night.    A decision tonight maybe? 

Apparently a decision may come as early as Tuesday night on the special exception zoning request by the Ahmadyyia Muslim Community in Walkersville, MD.   If you are new to Refugee Resettlement Watch you can catch up on this issue by going to our earlier posts here.    This is the official announcement for Tuesday evening:


2/5/2008 7:00 P.M.

The Walkersville Board of Appeals will continue the public hearing to consider W-B-07-1 Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) special exception request on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 7 p.m. at the Walkersville Town Hall, 21 W. Frederick Street, Walkersville, MD. The Board will begin their deliberations and may reach a decision on the special exception request. At the meeting the Board may ask questions of or request information from the applicant, staff or others who participated in the hearing. Part of the meeting may be conducted in closed session in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

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