Evolvingprimate says: Reporter Mosely a bigot

Oh brother, here we go again.   Someone calling themselves ‘evolvingprimate’ says Brian Mosely, author of the lengthy investigation on the Somali refugees that was published in the Times-Gazette of Shelbyville, TN is a bigot.   

It is rarely that some-one gets paid to express their intrinsic hatred and bigotry for others, yet in this day and age, when America, is thought to have moved beyond its centuries old traditions of slavery and racism and towards a more tolerant and diverse society, there still exists people like the Shelbyville Times-Gazette reporter Brian Mosley who make living out of targeting the most vulnerable segments of the our American social fabric.

And here is the deepest cut of all from ‘evolvingprimate’ :

Mr. Mosley has a dark history of being closet-racist and some-one that targets the vulnerable and weak elements in our society to satisfy his inner-orgies of hate and chauvinism.

You know what mamma always said?   “Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you!”  (especially when someone is too chicken to identify themselves, ‘evolvingprimate’ indeed).   Hint to ‘evolvingprimate’— name-calling doesn’t work anymore.

One thing missing in all the hate speech from ‘evolvingprimate’ is any refutation of the facts presented in the Times-Gazette series.  

Mr. Mosely responds here today.    And, this gives us a good opportunity to direct new readers to this excellent interview of Brian Mosely by Jerry Gordon of New English Review recently.

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