Reader adds to our information, we invite others to do the same

A reader called ‘whuptdue’ has been sending comments to several of our posts lately and adding important new facts to our stories.   This is a turn of events we have been hoping for—more people adding their research.    We appreciate those of you who have already been helping us and welcome new investigators.

Judy and I have busy lives, as I am sure our readers do also, so we can’t often dig deeper.   We are grateful for your help!

Send additional facts to stories you are interested in and include links to back up your point.   We can all be investigative reporters, journalism school is not required.

And, even if you are mad as hell, don’t use foul language to make your point, or you will get the hook.  We do moderate our comments, so if there is a lag in time between writing the comment and us posting it, its because we went to bed or are off doing something else.   As a matter of fact, this weekend I’ll be away for immigration meetings in Washington, Judy will be holding down the fort.

Whuptdue has more information at the bailout story here and at the latest Minneapolis Somali murder story here.

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