Canada took Rohingyas, are they crazy?

One of the helpful aspects of managing a blog is that one can see what people are searching for that brings them to us.  A couple of people today were searching Rohingyas, Burmese Muslims, and Canada.    So I googled around and found out that Canada did take Rohingyas this time last year, and became the first western country to do so.

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All I can say is that I guess Canadian government officials who made this decision hadn’t been doing their homework, hadn’t even been reading liberal Time magazine.   Notice to US State Department, no Rohingyas here!

For a group of people living in refugee camps in Southern Bangladesh, the late arrival of the Canadian spring will mean a true fresh start in the spirit of the season. Canada is taking the initiative of opening its doors to a first group of Rohingya refugees living in UN camps in the southern tip of Bangladesh.

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