Misc. stuff that passed me by recently

I’ve been way overloaded  lately, so have had little time to post on some important issues.   What follows is a roundup of articles you might find interesting, annoying, enlightening:

News team attacked at Muslim school in Minnesota as reported by Jerry Gordon of ACT.

Recommendation that “innocent” Guantanamo inmates be treated as refugees and resettled in the US.

British proposal to ban the word “asylum”.

Australia donated $1.4 million for Rohingya housing in Bangladesh camps.

Church World Service and Ethiopian Community Development Council team up to lobby for more Africans to come to the US.

Muslim immigrants sue federal government to speed up their citizenship process, reported in another post at ACT. 

Burundi’s First Lady visits Tennessee and urges Burundian refugees to return to Africa to help rebuild the country.  We have resettled 10,000 Hutus from Burundi recently.

Canadian blog discusses new book which says Canada should limit Muslim immigration.

Media threatened in Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.

World Refugee Day is June 20th, get ready for media blitz with crisis stories and puff pieces on refugees.

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