Alinskyism (Day 2)

If you are as old as I am, you remember Woodstock in 1969, the symbol still of the ‘let it all hang out’ generation—peace, free love, and no rules.   In fact, “radicals” ruled and the concepts that Alinsky esposed were being seeded, by the likes of Obama’s friend Bill Ayers, into a gullible generation.   Forty years later the battle over gay marriage for instance is a product of those seeds.

Here are a couple paragraphs from “Reveille for Radicals” that explain the thinking that has now arrived in the White House.

What does the radical want?  He wants a world in which the worth of the individual is recognized. He wants the creation of a kind of society where all of man’s potentialities could be realized; a world where man could live in dignity, security, happiness, and peace—a world based on a morality of mankind. [a Godless world]

To these ends radicals struggle to eradicate all those evils which anchor mankind in the mire of war, fears, misery, and demoralization.  The radical is concerned not only with the economic welfare of the bodies of mankind but also with the freedom of the minds of man.  It is for this that he attacks all those parts of the system that tend to make man a robot.  It is for this that he oposes all circumstances which destroy the souls of men and make them fearful, petty, worried, dull sheep in men’s clothing. The radical is dedicated to the destruction of the roots of all fears, frustrations, and insecurity of man, whether they be material or spiritual.  The radical wants to see man truly free.  Not just free economically and politically but also free socially.  When the radical says complete freedom he means just that.

So how on earth, if this view of the world continues to gain power in the United States will we be able to hold off and defeat the most repressive group of people on the earth—the Islamic fundamentalist.   These radicals love all humanity in a peaceful la-la land, but get a clue, the Islamists hate you.   They hate all the freedom you “radicals” say you embrace and they are using you to gain dominance because they are driven by something you can’t understand— a higher power than your “morality of mankind.”

I wonder if “radical in chief” Obama wet his pants when he had his first intelligence briefing.

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