Alinskyism (Day 10)

Radicals have no fondness for liberals!  In fact, they appear to hate them almost more than they hate conservatives.   From Saul Alinsky’s “Reveille for Radicals;”

Liberals have distorted egotistical concepts of their self-importance in the general social scheme.  [I guess Alinsky should know about ego, his egotism exudes every page.]  They deliberate as ponderously and as lengthily as though their decisions would cause the world to shake and tremble.  Theirs is truly a perfect case of the mountain laboring and bringing forth a mouse—a small, white, pink-eyed mouse.  The fact is that outside of their own intimate associates few know of or give a hang what these liberal groups decide.  They truly fit the old description that “A liberal is one who puts his foot down firmly on thin air.”

Alinsky calendar filed in “community destabilization.”

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