News Busters: Star Tribune makes Somali missing men look like characters in West Side Story

I had noticed that the Minneapolis Star Tribune coverage of the missing Somali men was a little sugary, but I realized that I have become so accustomed to mainstream media outlets soft-peddling terrorism that I didn’t give it another thought until a reader sent me this analysis at News Busters which begins:

It reads like the lyrics of the song in West Side Story where the “Jets” gang members sing to Officer Krupke claiming they are just misunderstood kids, not punks and criminals. The Minneapolis Star Tribune takes this approach to the story of young male Somali refugees that have taken residence in Minneapolis who have decided to go back to Somalia to “visit.” The suspicion is, though, that are they going back to join terrorist gangs there. The Star Trib claims they absolutely are not in its coverage, however. Yet, for some unexplained reason, the Star Trib also leaves out the fact that Somali recruiters have been seen roaming the streets of Minneapolis encouraging Somali men to return for just that purpose, as well as other important details linking the “visits” with terrorism.

Why would the Star Trib leave out such important facts in the story?

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I suppose it is the same reason that Matthew Lee at AP won’t investigate the unhappy Iraqi refugee issue, it doesn’t fit the reporters or the news outlets view of the world.

Is Barack Obama a natural born citizen of the United States?

Update July 26th:  SPLC going after Lou Dobbs on birth certificate issue, here.

Update July 15, 2009:  Soldier challenges orders to report to Afghanistan claiming Obama is not legally the President of the United States, here.

A U.S. Army Reserve major from Florida scheduled to report for deployment to Afghanistan within days has had his military orders revoked after arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his eligibility for office.  

His attorney, Orly Taitz, confirmed to WND the military has rescinded his impending deployment orders.

“We won! We won before we even arrived,” she said with excitement. “It means that the military has nothing to show for Obama. It means that the military has directly responded by saying Obama is illegitimate – and they cannot fight it. Therefore, they are revoking the order!”

Update Jan. lst, 2009:   It is not over yet, two US Supreme Ct. conferences remain, new cases filed, here.

Update Dec. 13th:  The Birth Certificate issue leads to a discussion of democratic tyranny at Gates of Vienna today.

Update Dec.12th:  Diana West has a good column on this subject here today.

Update Dec. 9th:  Blue Ridge Forum has a good post on the issue here.

Update  Dec. 8th:  Excellent discussion of the issue, here.

Update  Dec. 6th:   More news here, press conference Monday in DC

Update Dec. 4th:  Atlas Shrugs has a very thorough summary of where this issue stands today.

Off topic I suppose, but maybe not so far off because I have grave doubts about whether an Obama administration would ever even think to begin reforming the Refugee Resettlement program.  I will even bet they quickly lift the suspension of the P-3 family reunification program that primarily effects African immigration to the US.

Gates of Vienna yesterday has a very interesting article about the birth certificate controversy with a whole new angle.  Read it here.   For more detail be sure to follow the link back to Atlas Shrugs—the blog that did the groundbreaking work on the subject.

Then also be sure to listen to the MSNBC commentary on the topic.

The US Supreme Court has scheduled a conference on the issue for Dec. 5th.   I gotta say it is really creepy and wierd that the mainstream media isn’t talking about this—the silence is deafening.

And that reminds me.  Atlas Shrugs has a post  yesterday about Fox News going over to the “dark side,” that as a long-time Fox News viewer I was disheartened to read.   But, lo and behold, one day recently I just flipped over to MSNBC and couldn’t believe my ears, they were harder on Obama then Fox has been recently.  Maybe it was a one time deal, but it might be worth some revisits to confirm.

Another day, another state, another unemployed Iraqi refugee

This story is from Boise, Idaho.  One of hundreds of Iraqi interpreters (among thousands of other Iraqi refugees) entering the US can’t find work.  Tell me something I don’t know!   This fellow (Mohammed) at least doesn’t think we owe him a job.

But now he’s joined the ranks of Idaho’s unemployed at a time when the state’s economy lost more than 9,500 private sector jobs between September and October.

Jobs once available to refugees are being taken by Idahoans who have been laid off.

We asked the regional director of the International Rescue Committee in Boise if it is fair to bring refugees into the United States now to compete for jobs with Americans.

That is my question too.   And, how can the International Rescue Committee and its sidekick, Refugees International, justify telling our newly elected President to bring in a hundred thousand Iraqis this fiscal year that began October first?  It makes no sense, unless they are really trying to bring down our country.

IRC’s response to the fairness question:

“It’s not a question of fairness,” said the IRC’s Lesyle Moore. “We are extending humanitarian protection to them. If I was in the same situation I would want somebody to reach out to me”

The IRC says 1,000 refugees resettled in Boise during fiscal year 2008.

Once it was relatively easy for them to find work.

Not anymore.

Yesterday I gave you a list of the states where we have unhappy, out of work, Iraqi refugees. 

Lets see so far we have unhappy Iraqis in Arizona, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Ohio and now Georgia.

 We can now add Idaho.

Another day, another unhappy Iraqi refugee

These unhappy jobless Iraqi refugees are in Atlanta.  The International Rescue Committee whose annual budget is over $200 million (and almost half of that comes from the taxpayers) gave them a nice Thanksgiving dinner (big deal), when they want jobs!  By the way, the dinner didn’t look as fancy as the one in the New York publicity stunt.

Or they are going back to Jordan!   From CNN:

The man, Munir, and his wife, Fatima, hoped, like so many immigrants before them, that the United States would help them find a better life for them and their children.

But the couple, who asked that their identities be protected for fear of reprisals against their family and friends still in Iraq, are considering ending their American dream after three months of struggle.

College-educated and proficient in English, Fatima and Munir were shocked that the skills that provided them a comfortable living in Baghdad, as a mechanical engineer and lab technician, are of little advantage in an increasingly competitive U.S. job market.

They spend much of their day at the IRC office in Atlanta, searching for employment, but are considering returning to Jordan, where they say they can find work, albeit illegally.

“I am worried that I will be thrown out on the street,” Fatima says. “My Pakistani neighbors couldn’t find work and they were evicted and thrown out on the street. We are worried the same will happen to us. Many refugees we know have not found work and they have been here for eight months to a year.”

Until 2007, very few Iraqi refugees were resettled in the United States. For 2008, the Bush administration set a goal of accepting 13,000 Iraqis.

And now we have the ever-brilliant Refugees International urging its groupies to write to Obama and tell him we need 105,500 Iraqis this next year.

Didn’t anyone in the State Department think about this—highly educated Iraqis needing jobs in our miserable job market?  Was there no planning?  Did someone lie to these people?   Where is that big investigative reporter at AP, Matthew Lee, the one beating up Bush for not bringing enough Iraqi refugees?

You are all nuts, that’s all I can say!

P.S.   Mr. Lee, if you decide to take the initiative and do an investigation, I’ll direct you to our Iraqi refugee category where you will find many unhappy Iraqi refugee stories.  But, I am guessing you will never do the story because it is outside your world view.

Lets see so far we have unhappy Iraqis in Arizona, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Ohio and now Georgia.

Government grants available for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

Your tax dollars:

All you NGO’s hurry on over to the State Department and get in line for grants available for Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.   Yes, I know the theory—poverty breeds terrorism, so we are going to send American tax dollars to BANGLADESH!   What are we thinking!     Next thing you know we will be resettling Rohingya Islamists in a town near you.   See our whole category on Rohingya here