Having fun at USASpending.gov

I know I mentioned this wonderful government resource some time back, but I don’t think it was completely finished at the time (I’m not sure its completely finished yet).  In any case there is lots more information available now and I can barely drag myself away from it—-it is so much fun!

I started by looking up some of the Top Ten Volags ( non-profit federal refugee resettlement contractors) to see what they got from the taxpayers in 2008.   I went to this page “assistance” (that means grants rather than contracts) and just filled in the name of the organization.  You will see you have all sorts of differant ways to look up how much money the federal government is giving away.

I found out that in 2008 the following members of the Top Ten got some Big Bucks:

Ethiopian Community Development Council   $5,531,290

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society  $16,648,877

World Relief (Evangelical organization)  $18,745,431

Church World Service  $19,234,460

International Rescue Committee  $64,830,191

And the champion is!   Not able to find US Conference of Catholic Bishops I searched for Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities  $85,402,886  

Call in the ACLU!

Then check out this page for how much the State Department sent last year to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees—almost a half a BILLION dollars.   Also, see that we supplied the special refugee agency that is funding generations of refugees in Gaza, UNRWA, $188,012,600 for 2008 alone!

And remember that Somali Center of Nashville that got in legal trouble awhile back over misappropriated federal grant monies, well they got another $150,000 in 2008.

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