Alinskyism (Day 13)

Day 13 is about Bill Ayers.   Continuing on, in no particular order, with my reading of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” —since I mentioned Ayers here just yesterday (or the day before), I’ll tell you what I learned about him from Alinsky.

Alinsky says of radical youths (the Greek rioters?) that they are lonely with not knowing the meaning of life (don’t laugh!).   They are constantly on a quest to answer the greatest question, “Why am I here?”    (Now, I told you, don’t laugh!).   I’ve pointed out previously that these radicals, as described by Alinsky, are narcissists with no core values.  They look up to nothing.   They pretend to care about the downtrodden but it’s really all about themselves.

What Alinsky is trying to do is bring about revolution with no one really noticing.   Organizers need to have no core truths and make no judgements.  As such, Obama is the ultimate “community organizer” envisioned by Alinsky—a revolutionary who doesn’t frighten people away.

But,  Bill Ayers did.    Look at this section of “Rules…..”

The young react to their chaotic world in different ways.  Some panic and run, rationalizing that the system is going to collapse anyway of its own rot and corruption and so they’re copping out, going hippie or yippie, taking drugs, trying communes, anything to escape.  Others went for pointless sure-loser confrontations so that they could fortify their rationalization and say, “Well, we tried and did our part” and then they copped out too.  Others sick with guilt and not knowing where to turn or what to do went berserk.  These were the Weathermen and their like:  they took the grand cop-out, suicide.  To these I have nothing to say or give but pity—and in some cases contempt, for such as those who leave their dead comrades and take off for Algeria or other points.

Is that where Bill Ayers spent his years in exile?    I wonder if when Ayers and Obama first teamed up did they discuss Alinsky’s contempt for Ayers’ violence.   With hindsight did Ayers, perhaps having learned the lesson,  teach Obama  how to bring people to a cause by being a blank slate on which they could write their hopes and dreams?

By the way, elsewhere Alinsky condemns radical violence because he says it strengthens conservatism by driving people to the right.

Before anyone demands to know what this has to do with immigration, it has everything to do with it.   Immigrants are the human fodder for the revolution.  You don’t think Alinsky, Ayers, and Obama could bring about the  all important “change” in a contented Norman Rockwell-like town do you?

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