Somalis who entered US illegally cite harassment and discrimination

I have been wondering for months whether Somalis were entering the US illegally across our borders and this article confirms they must be.   Although, the article in the Houston Chronicle  never actually tells us how these Somalis came to be in the US and why they are detained, I don’t know any other reason they should be in a facility such as this one in Texas other then illegally having entered the US.

Reading between the lines, these men must have been caught, detained and then asked for political asylum.   As we reported previously there are immigration lawyers jumping at the chance across this land to help the “persecuted” get into our refugee system.   If granted asylum they will get all the perks of the refugee program:  subsidized housing, food stamps, English lessons, a caseworker to help them find jobs, etc.

Attorneys for 10 Somali men held in an immigration detention center in South Texas allege that federal immigration officials segregated and interrogated their clients after they left a Muslim prayer service, saying they were subject to “discriminatory and unethical” questioning.

Lawyers for the asylum seekers said the men — detained at the South Texas Detention Complex in Pearsall — were targeted because they were Muslim and from Somalia. The lawyers contend that their clients were segregated into a separate dormitory for two to three days after they left a Dec. 8 prayer service at the detention facility celebrating the Muslim holiday, Eid.

The Somalis were not given the opportunity to contact their lawyers, according to a letter the attorneys sent Monday to several federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.


The questioning reportedly led one client to break down in tears, said Jonathan Ryan, executive director of San Antonio’s Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, which is representing the men along with an Austin-based organization, American Gateways.  [Can CAIR be far behind?]


Ryan said he and Edna Yang, another attorney representing the men, were still trying to figure out what would prompt the federal government to single out the Somali men.

I’m guessing Ryan and Yang have no clue about such things as Somali  terrorist groups like Al Shabaab wanting to throw the West into Hell!

Homeland Security, keep up the good work!

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