Boatloads of Rohingya men captured by Thai Navy

So far this year 5000 Rohingya (Burmese Muslim) refugees presumably from Bangladesh have been apprehended by the Thai Navy, the most recent incident was a week ago.

UNITED Nations help for dealing with the issue of Burmese boat people has been urged by Royal Thai Navy officials.

They are concerned by a startling rise in the number of Rohingya men arrested in Thai waters, especially so far this month.

The latest large group of men apprehended on Saturday were ”like sardines in a can,” a spokesman told Phuketwan.

So far this year, nearly 5000 Rohingya have been caught. Concerns are held for Thaiand’s security because they have all been men.*

The Navy has supplied Phuketwan with photographs of its December 13 interception and capture of a single boatload of 210 Burmese Muslim men. (See Photo)

*Thailand has been having problems in recent years with Islamic terrorism.   And, it just occurred to me, George Bush has nothing to do with it.