Alinskyism (Day 17)

I’m going to bet that the conservative elite dining with Obama last night don’t know that Obama is the master of the ‘ends justify the means’ strategy of Obama’s mentor Saul Alinksy.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet he charmed their socks off.  And, if so, maybe it’s time for us to get a new conservative elite?  We’ll see.

The following bit from Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” was what I was planning to post today anyway.   It is all part of the strategy to blur the lines, to appear moderate, to get to the end which is a (more) socialist government by the most clever of means.

The fear of change is, as discussed earlier, one of our deepest fears, and a new idea must be at the least couched in the language of past ideas; often, it must be, at first, diluted with vestiges of the past.

I think “diluted” might be what Obama was going for last night when meeting with conservative pundits—come to think of it, these conservative elites are just that—pundits!  Why are we looking to pundits as our leaders?

The Alinsky calendar is posted in ‘community destabilization’ here.

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