Somaliland government not telling all it knows?

Dinah Lord has a post yesterday in which she speculates about whether Obama renditions may have already begun!   Do  you remember we told you two weeks ago that Americans were captured in Somaliland and there  were some musings about whether they were our missing Somali former refugees turned terrorists.

Dinah links to a Voice of America article which reports that Somaliland spokespersons are saying, no not American, we were mistaken, we let them go.   However….

The Washington-based president of the Somaliland American Council, Rashid Nur, says he believes the Somaliland government is not revealing all it knows.

“As you have said, it is really difficult to get the true picture of who these people are and their identities. But from versions coming out of the government and from other people, some of these people are U.S. residents,” said Nur. “There are also some Somalilanders who went to some of the regions in the south, received training, and came back.”

Hint to CAIR and the families back in Minneapolis, ask Obama if he’s got your boys!

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