LOL! Four arrested in Somaliland thought to be Americans

Update!!!!   The Jawa Report is now saying they have captured 11 more Somali-American terrorists, for the hot news go here.


Well, what do you know.  Maybe they have been found!   Just when Somali Mommy and Daddy in Minneapolis are wondering what happened to their  kids (former refugees), it turns out that American “terrorists” are being arrested in Somaliland.  Could they be four of our missing youngsters?  (Hat tip to a Tennessee friend)

Hargeisa (Somalilandpress – 25th Jan 2009) – Somaliland security forces arrested five people after they raided a house in Hargeisa. The suspects consist of four men who are said to be from the United States and a woman from Mogadishu, all five suspects were taken into custody yesterday.

The article in the Somaliland Press is really short, but here is a little more news:

Local newspapers reported today that the woman who came from Mogadishu rented a villa in Hargeisa days before the four men arrived from the US. Members of the security forces had received a tip about the terrorist suspects and were ready to move in and arrest them.

So, assuming they are American Somalis, will our State Department now be in a position to get them back?  Good luck with that.  We will be watching!

By the way, FOX News at noon today was reporting the original missing men story we first reported two months ago.

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