Comment worth noting: Criticism of Muslims not allowed in Australia

BL, who has commented here before, wrote this interesting comment in response to my post, The heart of a refugee and the culture of violence:

I have commented previously about how my city (Sydney, Australia) has had problems with Middle Eastern Arabs. I don’t know how or where we lost our freedom of speech but it seems that it is increasingly difficult to freely express our opinions and/or concerns. When you cut through all the politically correct nonsense you are left with the truth, which is they are not the same as us. Some races are predisposed to certain tendencies and characteristics. In the case of Muslim Arabs, they are naturally aggressive and violent. The Muslim Arab community in my city have been here for decades and for as long as I can remember, they have always been a menace to this city and this hasn’t changed one bit. If anything, I would say that it has gotten worse and will only progressively get worse as we allow them to manipulate our free society to their will.

“Many of the Vietnamese who came here in the 1970s and 1980s were traumatized too, having lived through a war, a communist regime, often prison camps, and harrowing escapes. But their culture and their resulting characters didn’t lead them to express their trauma in violence”.

For me, this is very fitting as I am in fact a Vietnamese Australian. It seems that, in Australia at least, ethnic Australians such as myself are more open about their true feelings and will voice their concerns more liberally than our fellow Anglo Australians. This maybe attributed to the fact that they may not want to be tagged as racist, which is a fair reason. Such is the dilemma of our free society where you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

If the current trend to disallow criticism of Islam in some Nations spreads globally, then Muslims will certainly exploit this and we will see their hypocrisy and true intent. A small minority of courageous people such as the people here at RRW and Jihad Watch are aware of their hidden agenda (although it really isn’t hidden when their intent is clearly stated in the Koran) and are expressing their concern. If only this concern was shared among the ignorant in our society because it will only take a majority to cut through all the political garbage that is littered all over this issue.

I will do my part to protect and preserve our beautiful Western Society by spreading my concern to my fellow peace loving Christians. I can only hope and pray that more people will see through the politics and rise up to tackle this issue head on

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