Iraqi refugee issue is part of the social unrest in Europe

“Social unrest!”  Sheesh, I’m sounding like a mealy-mouthed mainstream reporter.  I should say that the refugee issue is part of the creeping communist movement spreading across Europe.

Worker’s Liberty (I’ll tell you about them shortly) has posted information on how you can get involved in a protest in Geneva later this month on the Iraqi refugee issue with a group calling itself the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees.  I can’t find a website for this group and links to a supposed website linked at Worker’s Liberty have been disabled.    Here is what they say:

The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees has called a protest on 16-17 April in Geneva about the plight of Iraqi refugees.

It says: The situation of the Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Europe is a tragedy. Many thousands of Iraqi refugees have resorted to begging, prostitution, selling their internal organs to avoid destitution.

European countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany are treating Iraqi refugees without compassion. Many have been detained and locked up in detention centers across Europe. The Iraqi Kurdish refugees who have been lucky enough to remain free are being treated terribly. Iraqi refugees whilst waiting for permission to remain in Europe are being refused permission to work and are not given any money to support themselves leading many to become destitute.

Both the UK and Swedish Goverments have made agreement with the Iraqi Government to return failed asylum seekers. The Iraqi Government is trading Iraqi asylum seekers lives for financial gain for the KRG and Iraqi Government.

Read on, but you get the drift.

As for Worker’s Liberty, here is what they say on their “about” page:

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty aims to build solidarity through struggle so that the working class can overthrow capitalism. We want socialist revolution: collective ownership of industry and services, workers’ control and a democracy much fuller than the present, with elected representatives recallable at any time and an end to bureaucrats’ and managers’ privileges.

We fight for the labour movement to break with “social partnership” and assert working-class interests militantly against the bosses.

Our priority is to work in the workplaces and trade unions, supporting workers’ struggles, producing workplace bulletins, helping organise rank-and-file groups.

Now is a good time for readers to review our posts on Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” in our category entitled Community Destabilization.   What we see above, a uniting of the disgruntled (forming all sorts of ad hoc groups with noble sounding names) to bring about ‘social change’ through ‘social unrest’ that will ultimately lead (they hope) to what they call a “global social organization.”

But, what if those of us who believe in capitalism, individualism and nationalism didn’t take this laying down and created competing groups and counter-demonstrated.   These upcoming Tax Day Tea Parties might just be the beginning of such a movement.   As I have joked before, we could have ‘Regular Americans for America,’  or ‘Rednecks United’ (I love Rednecks), or how about ‘NASCAR fans for the preservation of Norman Rockwell towns.’

On a serious note to you commies, joining forces with Shariah-loving Muslims will be your undoing.   Their goal for the world is not the same as yours, they are just using you to disrupt the social order and in the end, if you succeed in overthrowing capitalist democracies, they will turn on you and eat you alive.

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